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About Us

Alignable - The Small Business Network

With millions of connections across more than 20,000 local communities, Alignable is the free network where small business owners build trusted relationships and generate referrals.

Members use Alignable to get the industry answers they need, connect within their local business community, and increase word-of-mouth for their business.

How We Got Started

Before starting Alignable, we spent months talking with hundreds of local business owners about how technology could help them grow their business. Our "Ah-ha!" moment came when person after person told us what they most wanted was an easy way to meet the other business owners on their street. We worked hand-in-hand with businesses right in our hometown of Acton, Massachusetts, making introductions, building relationships, and demonstrating how by working together they could attract new customers. Alignable today reflects many of the lessons we learned from those days.

Our Ideal Customer

Small and local businesses.

Our Team
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Eric Groves
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Bob O'Neill
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Jonathan Moreland
Marketing Manager
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Ryan Kokoszka
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Dan Slagen
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Venkat Krishnamurthy
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Kelby Barbosa
UX designer
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Gabriel Ellis-Ferrara
Community Manager
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Caitlin Kullberg
Growth Marketer
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Connor Lewis
Account Specialist
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Amy Clark
Networking Specialist
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Laurie Qian
Product Manager
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Joanna Mastrocola
Content Marketer
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Tessa Kohn
Marketing Manager
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Jon Palmer
VP Engineering
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Sara Jones
Community Manager
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Jonathan Kanyok
Product Marketing Manager
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Gopal Shenoy
VP, Product
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Alan Belniak
Content Marketing Manager
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Alignable Asks
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Lauren Hall
Community Manager
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Joanna Magnuson
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Street Fight
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Asking for Advice
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In The News
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Alignable Know How
Businesses We Recommend
Villa Mexico catered lunch today to our entire company. The delivery was right on time, the food was excellent and the service from start to finish was perfect. Julie and the team run a truly authentic and wonderful operation.

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!