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About Us

Our mission is to help company's profitably move to their next level of revenue generation by building/refining the processes that manage the chaos growth ignites while maintaining the brand promise. We have developed a proven methodology which we call processlinkage, identifying points along your product/service development path where people, process, and purpose must align to profitably provide solutions to fulfill a client business need.

How We Got Started

We saw a need to help companies change their organizational structure during times of rapid growth to better align with both new business financial goals and client requirements. One of the greatest challenges during these times of transition is to maintain the culture, the principals upon which the company was built. As we have seen many times, when the guiding principals are lost, so is the company. By understanding how people, process, and purpose come together we work together to manage the chaos of rapid growth.

Our Ideal Customer

Small to mid-size companies who are experiencing rapid growth through a variety of new business channels and need to align both their internal and client facing processes to navigate to their growing organization needs.

Our Team
Jayne Heggen from Heggen Group LLC
Jayne Heggen
Products & Services

New Business Process

The process of bringing on a new account must establish a strong foundation for the relationship between the client and marketing/advertising team. A successful transition plan involves two main steps: transferring the client’s work from an incumbent agency and seamlessly integrating the new team...

Business Process Alignment

The best way to manage a small account won’t work for a large account, and the reverse is also true. By working with clients in both environments, we've been able to leverage learnings to help small companies scale for growth and help large companies regain client intimacy. We review business...

Client Relationship Turnarounds

Emergency situations require a rapid recovery process first to stabilize the situation, then to assess where the relationship is breaking down, and finally to devise and implement corrective actions to recover and restore the good working relationship between client and company. After 90 days of...
Businesses We Recommend
Experience and businesss understanding that goes well beyond the word consulting. Lori will provide the answers you need to move your business forward.
Music is our soul. As a brand you need to go beyond video's, you need to share your soul with your market-place. Sixieme Son helps to create unique brand audio languages, positively connecting consumers to your values. Amazing professionals with "real" experience and knowledge that makes a difference. They are the best!
Good writing strives to explain, to make things a little bit clearer, to make sense of our world. In the words of Ayn Rand "Words are a lens to focus one’s mind." Karen is a gifted writer and master story teller who focuses on the truth behind the story and captures the imagination. Because without the story, most of us are merely using words to prove they can craft logical sentences.
Joshua brings a fully balanced right- brain / left-brain approach to all of his engagements! If you want results, Joshua provides them.
Bob Hackett brings incredible industry knowledge to MTI Connect. As CEO he has successfully worked with a broad range of industries including some of the nation's top marketing and printing firms to help them understand what meeting the needs of customers really means. A true professional and trusted advisor who providing extraordinary tools to help you build your customer satisfaction levels.
Stryotek has a dedicated distribution process that enhances not only the fruit we eat, but healthy life styles.
Ilan is a true business mentor when it comes to communications, branding, and advertising. His broad knowledge and experience make him the perfect partner for growing brands. Ilan's open and collaborative approach provides your business with the critical support it needs at it's most vulnerable time...growth!
Michael helps small service business in a variety of ways from improving the business processes to digital services and marketing support. He was my first connection in the Boston area and has remained a constant reliable supporter. He constantly seeks to provide value to others and runs both health innovation and success innovation groups, characteristics of a great partner in solving business issues. Michael is the partner many clients seek to resolve their business problems.

Highly Recommended

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