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About Us

PatronPool Is the online service aiming for customer base expansion for local SMBs, by

- Facilitate immediate local co-marketing partnership platform

- Collective pool of real local consumers within miles

- Provide assistance in e-mail marketing to a proven list of 600K+ SMBs across US

How We Got Started

Serving teething SMBs in their specific local context, with emphasis on innovative approach of customer base expansion

Our Team
YJ Hong from PatronPool L.E.A.P. Service
YJ Hong
Operation Management
Products & Services

PatronPool Proactive Local Prospecting

High quality local prospects for your business with extraordinary cost effectiveness: 1. Sponsor your existing customer opt-in to the anonymous prospect pool with innovative PatronPool L.E.A.P. persona. 2. Start to utilize the high quality local prospect pool but: 3. Segment the prospects - by...

Quality Local Prospects In One Week

How often you're frustrated that there's no way to reach your segment of prospects who live within 5 miles from your business premises? Understandably it is because you are unable to: Know the prospects - since they don't show you their profile See the prospects - since they don't...

Local Potluck Prospecting For Starting & Growing SMBs

(Full version at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/potluck-prospecting-local-smbs-yj-hong ) The PatronPool facilitates the local businesses to sponsor existing customers to join the "PatronPool", registering with demographic profile, approximate location, promotion interests, and verified e-mail...

Your PatronPool Biz QARD - hand it out to sponsor customers sign-up to PatronPool

Register as PatronPool Biz Member and get your PatronPool Biz QARD immediately. Hand out your PatronPool Biz QARD to your customers to invite them sign-up as your sponsored PatronPool customer.

E-mail Marketing For New Customer Acquisition Without E-mail List

One simple but maybe not obvious fact about e-mail marketing is that, you do need the e-mail address to send your promotion e-mail, but you don't need "to know" the e-mail address to send your promotion e-mail. Same thing goes for the other elements of high quality prospects: demographics,...

When Customers Keep On Changing Their Profile

With PatronPool service, the prospects can update not only their demographics and interest profile, they can also change their declared location. Such "Chameleon persona" can be a "total new person" at a "total new place". To the PatronPool local stores/businesses it means that the prospects...

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PatronPool "Immediate" Co-Marketing Service

https://patronpool.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/surprising-common-sense-co-marketing-for-you/ PatronPool is now providing the "Immediate Co-marketing" service for local businesses to form co-marketing partnership immediately - without the waiting period of sponsoring enough number of customers...

Surprising Commom Sense Local Co-Marketing

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600K+ SMBs of following categories: pet store: 11082 bicycle store: 10377 grocery or supermarket: 23095 food: 28267 store: 136731 bakery: 36873 cafe: 48386 bar: 46477 restaurant: 125470 real estate agency: 112552 insurance agency: 69805 finance: 75596 car repair: 89148 car wash:...