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My ideal client is a business that is looking to increase it's market share via effective, affordable and successful online and video marketing techniques.

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Palm beach County Affordable Online Marketing mission is to assist small and medium size businesses grow via effective online marketing techniques. Did you know 93% of people making a major purchase start looking on the internet, is your website ready? PBCASEO offers a FREE $250 Value Website Analysis.

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As the owner of a DJ Service I hired someone for my SEO but was terrified at the poorly written articles that they wrote for me, so I decided to do it all myself and obtained top search engine rankings. I am continuously learning this quickly changing field and offer all online marketing services

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PBCAVIDEO will produce a script and have a professional spokesperson talk about your business featuring: Customized Professional Commercial For Your Business Full-Motion 60 Second Commercial Customized Slide At Beginning And End You have approval rights on content. for details go to...

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YOUR WEBSITE IS YOUR VIRTUAL STOREFRONT Your website can enhance or destroy your credibility. When people go to your site, they are looking for more than information. They are consciously or subconsciously making the following judgments: Is this business credible and trustworthy? Does it...
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Fred Slabine answered What's The Most Effective Way To Reach New Clients?
5 months ago • 1 Like
Hello, I strongly believe that a properly optimized video utilizing your most powerful keywords and explosive distribution network of high page ranking video websites is the best way to attract... (more)
Fred Slabine answered How Do I Create A Digital Business Card?
6 months ago
Hello, At Palm Beach County Affordable Online Marketing we offer a digital business card at an affordable price. We can also add video, a call to action, a pdf etc through the use of SMS. Feel... (more)

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