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About Us

MISSION STATEMENT: We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve conflict and move forward in their lives by providing caring, accurate, thorough and creative legal and mediation services.

Queenlaw Mediation & Legal Services offers mediation and legal services for a variety of cases. Legal services are available in the family law (divorce, adoption, custody, child support, paternity, conservatorships, etc.), criminal law, personal injury, medical malpractice, & juvenile law areas.

Mediation services are available for family law issues, such as custody, co-parenting (visitation) and property settlement; employer-employee disputes; landlord-tenant disputes; community and neighborhood disputes; construction and home repair disputes; health care cases; negligence cases; business-customer disputes; and most other types of civil cases.

Attorney Suzanne Shackelford Queen, the owner of QueenLaw Mediation & Legal Services, is an experience attorney who is sensitive to the needs of those who are experiencing conflict. Ms. Queen received her undergraduate degree, with high honors, in psychology from the University of Tennessee in 1991. She received the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law and has practiced law since 1995. She has received formal training in both family law mediation and civil mediatioN.

Although QueenLaw Mediation & Legal Services is based in Bristol and Knoxville, Ms. Queen is licensed to practice in all Tennessee courts, and she offers mediation and legal services throughout Tennessee. In addition, if you are injured and unable to come to our office, Ms. Queen can make arrangements to travel to your location to meet with you.

Please contact Queenlaw Mediation & Legal Services by facebook message, by email at queenlaw@gmail.com, or by phone at (865) 705-7205 to arrange for evaluation of your case or to schedule a mediation session.

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Suzanne Queen from QueenLaw Attorney & Mediation Services
Suzanne Queen
Products & Services

Criminal Defense Representation

Representation for misdemeanor and felony charges in all Tennessee state, county and municipal courts.

Mediation Services

It may be possible to settle your disputes without the hassle of a court battle if both parties are willing to try to work things out. Or, if your case is already in court, you may be able to avoid the expense and frustration of a trial. Mediation services are available for both general civil...

Juvenile Court Representation

Legal representation in Tennessee courts in all types of juvenile court cases including, but not limited to, delinquent children, paternity, custody and visitation, dependency and neglect, truancy, unruly children, termination of parental rights, grandparent visitation.

Adoption Representation

Representation in Tennessee adoption cases for biological parents and for adoptive parents and as Guardian ad Litem for children.


Initiation and defense of conservatorship proceedings where a person is alleged to be disabled to the extent that they are incompetent to care for all or some of their own needs and/or responsibilities. Conservatorships are often useful for handling the affairs of elderly family members who have...
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