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Since 1998 we have been striving to change the standard when it comes to Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. Honesty. Integrity. Accountability. 3 of our Core Values that when paired with Craftsmanship defines the difference in our Company.

We love every opportunity to help Homeowners materialize their dream Kitchen & Bath. Those are the rooms where family happens, batteries are recharged and definitely the heart of the home.

Kitchen & Bath Remodel

From countertops to complete Kitchen and/or Bath remodels we will do as much or as little as you need. We work with Licensed Plumbers and Electricians, Skilled Craftsmen and have an Expert team to make your project a success!

Granite Counter tops

We offer a wide selection of granite for all of your large and small project.
Businesses We Recommend
My Chamber Rocks!!! Great networking opportunities, speakers and am all around great team working there. #What'sYourBA
I would have been toast so many times, the great people at Royal always save my bacon and do awesome work. Love them.
Our Team
Angela Mack from Countertop Solutions Inc
Angela Mack
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