Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customers are those that are just starting out in the music industry looking for exposure, fanbase increase and music marketing and promotions. We work closely with artists on their talents, skills and abilities to get them in front of decision makers. Our CEO and Founder also helps smaller companies with small business loans and merchant cash advances

About Us

Launched in December 2013, Black Lion Entertainment Music Group is a division of Wayne Management Company. The purpose,.....to give artists affiliated with Wayne Management Company and Black Lion Entertainment Music Group a platform to market themselves, their music and increase their brand.

Black Lion Entertainment Music Group (B.L.E.M.G.) advises and consults performing artists in development, image, marketing, advertising and branding.

How We Got Started

Wayne Jones was born in Brooklyn in Kings County Hospital on August 4, 1965 to Robert Wayne Jones and Pauline Jones. Wayne is the Owner, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Wayne Management Company. Wayne Management Company is a multi-service company where their only job is to promote and market, not to mention, provide additional professional consultation and resources for small to medium sized businesses. Currently, Wayne is personal manager to Blak Cheri, Farrogoummo, Blaze Billions, Nyce 1, Meetsource, Mr. Swagg 360, and Rarebreed. He also has a consulting agreement consultant with Million Dolla Ram, HBoyz and Diamond Dolla Entertainment, LLC. He just recently signed the newest member to the roster Julia. He also is personally involved in the development of his newest artist Sweet Tee Ali. Wayne launched Black Lion Entertainment Music Group to give his artists a platform to market and advertise their brand as well as their music.

Merchant Cash Advance

Through our corporate company, Wayne Management Company, we help small to medium sized business obtain cash for just about any situation, whether it is to pay for a marketing campaign, to have extra operating cash, to purchase more equipment or for any reason, including to pay for payroll. ...

Artist Representation/Management

Provide personal and business management services to all performing artists handling all aspects of their professional and, at times, personal lives. From bookings, to photoshoots to interviews. Anything pertaining to the advancement of the artists career.
Businesses We Recommend
Great corporation to align yourself with. Great group who puts their clients first and works closely with those to ensure maximum exposure.
Brian is the consummate professional. His skills and techniques with Real Estate Investing is unquestioned. It has given me more insight on my own real estate aspirations. I highly recommend Brian and I hope to continue to learn from this gentleman.
One of the most skilled and talented DJ's in the NYC Metropolitan area. Very versatile and a consummate professional.
Recommended because of their experience and travels. Music created for various events and purposes
The best location for artists beginning their careers or for artists looking to expand their brand. Highly recommended by myself as well as my staff.
Our Team
Wayne Jones from Black Lion Entertainment Music Group
Wayne Jones
Synthia Robinson from Black Lion Entertainment Music Group
Synthia Robinson
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