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You understand the value in systems, training and expert knowledge that shortcuts the time-consuming and often expensive, "figure it out yourself" approach to problem resolution. You also appreciate a no-nonsense (no fluff, just the facts) style of consulting.

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I help small business and entrepreneurs connect and communicate more effectively. Time and money are two resources everyone wants more of and through books, courses, coaching and consulting I help you get more of both.

Typically I help businesses in a few ways:

(a) 1-on-1 consulting and coaching -- this usually takes the form of a remote (via phone or Skype) session whereby a client tells me about specific problems and I explain how to remedy them. The calls can be recorded and the audio/video and/or entire transcript is available for later reference.

(b) "Done For You" services -- this is where I develop the systems and solutions directly for my client. Typical solutions include setting up email autoresponders, online adverts (Facebook, Google etc,) opt-in landing pages, writing e-newsletters and creating other web and digital media.

(c) Messaging (copywriting) -- this is where I develop the strategy and the desired outcome plan and then write the words necessary to achieve that goal. Typical writing projects include email sequences, landing pages, short sales letters and other promotional copy. I also provide uniquely custom written articles, blog entries and social media.

(d) Events -- I produce many local live events from free b2b networking, "unpretentious" wine and food pairing opportunities and training seminars where I demonstrate how to quickly and easily get the rapid results you want.

=== Why should you consider hiring me?

Because I'm a 3X best-selling author and instructor with more than a quarter century of technology and business application experience. To date I've also trained over 16,000 people in 150 countries.

=== Here's what my clients say about me:

"I first had the pleasure of meeting James at a Meet Up trade show he sponsored in April. I have also tapped him as an expert resource on social media and advertising for my own business.

Not only is James extremely accomplished and knowledgeable in his field but he is one of those very rare and genuine individuals who gives more than he gets. His mentorship and support of small business owners across Burlington and the GTA is well known. His advice is always timely, sincere and willingly offered. He is profoundly interested in other people, deeply committed to professional development, and highly motivated to help business professionals and entrepreneurs succeed.

James is a truly unique individual and I am happy to provide him with this voluntary recommendation in the hope that others can and will avail themselves of his expertise and services." -- Stephen White - MPA, MIR, CHRL, CACE, ACC

To see what others say about me, visit: http://linkedin.com/in/jamesburchill

How We Got Started

After 25+ years as a business & technology consultant working for a host of international name brand companies, I switched focus to the local small/medium business sector. I always felt the local SMB sector was under served and in need of intelligent marketing automation services and lead generation that fit their unique requirements (most SMBs are too busy executing their business to focus "spare time" on growing it.) That's where my services come in to play.

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