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Looking for an eye-catching book cover design? Look no further. Our award winning cover designer works with both independent authors and publishers. She will work with you one-on-one to create a cover that sells. We also offer all kinds of other author graphics including map illustration, logo design, posters, social media banners, and book teasers.

How We Got Started

I opened Mundus Media Ink (MMI) in 2005. As an artist and former illustrator for one of the ACE Books in New York, MMI was a means of supplementing my income while having the opportunity to do the work I love, creating book covers.

Our Team
Michelle Rene Goodhew from Mundus Media Ink.
Michelle Rene Goodhew
Dawn M. Lewis from Mundus Media Ink.
Dawn M. Lewis
Personal Assistant
Products & Services

Premade Cover Design

Professional, beautiful and affordable, the premade covers featured below are perfect for self-published and indie authors. Custom design can be expensive, and do-it-yourself is not recommended if you want to give your book the best chance of success. Premade book covers are the best option...

Book Cover Design

Book covers are important – we in the design world know this. They bear the crucial responsibility of grabbing viewers’ attention, and luring and teasing readers into picking up the product. Good book covers and posters cram a whole lot of suggestiveness and visual impact into a fairly...

Book Cover Illustration

Book cover illustration isn’t easy. It requires an illustrator to capture the essence of a story in a single combination of words and images – then present it in a way that’s going to make that book stand out from any others on a shelf or on the webpage. With our award winning illustrators...

Map Illustration

You probably have a picture in your head of the world you have worked tirelessly to create. Why not share that image with your readers? Our award winning illustrator provides custom world map creation. What better way to bring the readers into your unique fantasy world then by presenting them...

Logo Design

Need a logo for your website or publishing company? Our logo designs are some of the best in the business. They are affordably priced and professional. Let us work with you to create the perfect logo that will make a lasting impression.

Book Teasers

There is no doubt about it, images sell product, and book teasers can make your product shine! Teasers are an excellent marketing tool for places like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest where people are scrolling for something that catches their eye. Do you need an awesome image that...

Website and Social Media Banner Design

Trying to attract attention to your books and your blog? Do you need an eye-catching banner for your website or social media page? We will design your banners to flow seamlessly with your brand and your books.

Design Package Deal

Thinking you’d like more than just one service that we provide? Check out this package we’ve put together to save you some cash on your author brand image design.

Young Adult Illustration

If your book is young adult literature and you are looking for a cover design, I am an award winning illustrator in this genre. I will get all of the details from you as well as read your manuscript in order to get a good feel for your story. They say you should never try to recreate a scene from...

Children's Book Illustration

If you are looking for unique and beautiful illustrations for your children’s book, you have come to the right place. There are several styles of illustrations to choose from. Every children’s book is unique and will have its own quote.

3D Book Covers

At our affordable pricing, you can get as many 3D covers as you need for your website and blog – or use in your marketing graphics or with author swag.

Book Marketing Ads

et us use the cover of your book to create the perfect ad for use with your social media marketing campaigns, to post at the end of your blog linked to your point of purchase, or added to the sidebar of your website. Wherever you choose to use them, these beautifully designed ads will get attention.

Book Posters / Blog Tour Posters

With our book poster package you get free 3D images of your book, a digital copy of the final poster, and a physical poster mailed to you with no additional fee for shipping and handling. We will use your book cover to create the perfect poster for your event or advertisement.

Bookmarks, Business Cards, Postcards

Author cards are the easiest and most powerful medium of marketing. They are the best bet for any campaign, and an absolute must for authors. They are something that you can use to brand, sell, and connect. All in one.

Author Swag

We have the best swag anywhere! Swag works great to use as prizes in promotional events to boost your book sales. Check out some of the awesome swag and contact us if there is something you want that you don’t see listed, we’ll give you a quote.

Press Kit - Interview Sheet Design

The interview sheet is a perfect marketing tool for any type of media based interview. The sheet sells you to media professionals, highlighting you, your brand, and your book, and can also be used for blog tours, etc.

Flyer - Event Presentation Sheet Design

The presentation sheet is a must have for your speaking engagement, and the flyer is a perfect solution for your upcoming event. As a marketing tool, these beautifully designed sheets or flyers inform your audience and work to market your product.

Comprehensive Editing

Don’t make the mistake of publishing without an experienced editor going over your manuscript. Having your book edited can make all the difference in book sales because readers will appreciate and recommend what they enjoy. Make sure your book is the best it can be by allowing an editor to catch...

Press Release Creation and Distribution

There’s simply no better way to gain credibility and momentum for your book then with a press release. If your book is featured by a journalist or editor at a publication, the PR can yield higher rewards than advertising.

Copywriting Services

If you are having trouble creating enough content for your blog, or creating content that will increase your book sales and grow your network, MMI offers affordable copywriting services that will get your website and blog noticed.
Past Events & Promotions
20% Off Professional Book Cover Design
Once every three months I volunteer my design services to help an independent author get their book and their brand off to a colorful start. I have been so blessed by, and so welcomed by the indie author community, that I thought this was the least I could do to give back to them. If you are...

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