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About Us

We work with people turning 65 or anyone needing Medicare for that matter and the ACA or better know as ObamaCare.

We also help provide people with Peace of Mind by offering Life Insurance to protect their Loved Ones.

How We Got Started

I have always had a need to be of service and I like the idea of helping through information. I became a health Insurance Broker to supplement our income after moving to Idaho and I have health insurance information I can use to help people make the tough decisions about their health insurance. In the current health insurance environment I have had a chance to really help.

Our Ideal Customer

People turning 65 or needing help with Social Security and Medicare questions.

People under 65 needing Health Insurance and questions answered.

Our Team
Bob Arnett from Arnett Life Insurance Services
Bob Arnett
Products & Services

Medicare, Life Insurance, Health Insurance Etc.

We primarily like working with people going on to or currently on Medicare. Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage. Term Insurance protection and Annuities. Www.alisprotect.com
Businesses We Recommend
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Hardworking folks, Great product!! Consider them.
Past Events & Promotions
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We help people with their Senior Health Care services, i.e. Medicare Supplements, Dental, Vision & Hearing benefits and Final Expense protection.