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About Us

For the past 22 yrs I have been in education. As time has past and things have change in the education field, it is not as fun as it once was. I started looking for something that was fun, that let me interact with adults, but most of all help ladies feel good about themselves. When a client tries on the right style of LuLaRoe clothing, you see them transform into a beautiful butterfly. They feel good about themself. Watching this brings joy to me.

How We Got Started

I am getting close to the age where I can retire from education. So I asked myself "What do you want to do when you grow up?" My answer was that I still want to be able to help people have that "ah ha" moment. Since I have started introducing ladies to LuLaRoe clothing. I have seen the caterpillar transform into a princess.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is someone that dislikes most of the clothes in their closet. Rather the dislike is from out dated styles or not liking the way the look or feel in their clothes. Someone who wants a "clothing makeover".

Our Team
Sue Crawford from LuLaRoe
Sue Crawford
Past Events & Promotions
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Every Tuesday at 7pm my albums containing all of my products go online. The link will be shared on my Facebook page. My inventory is always changing. If you find something that you love buy it then or it may be gone for every.