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About Us

Asssist CEO's with Business Strategy, Change, Growth, Turnarounds and Professional Development.

Over 25 years assisting business owners successfully in retails, service, technology and restaurants.

How We Got Started

After over 10 years in sales, management in service, restaurant,retail and hospitality started to consult with business owners looking to expand, develop or change their business for strategy, growth or development issues.

Our Ideal Customer

Ideal Customer would be an SME Business Owner that is looking to make changes in their organization that positively affect sales, team development, service or client care.

Our Team
Daryl Des Marais from daryldesmarais.com
Daryl Des Marais
Entrepreneurial Change Agent
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Assisting Professionals with Goal Setting, Life Changes and Small Business Start-Up https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B073Z9B59W Featuring Brad Gaulin, CEO, Gomentr.com Helping people connect with career mentors. Sheila Petersen, R.N., Isogenix Leader, Successful Entrepreneur, Mom, Professional. ...
Products & Services

1-1 Coaching for New CEOs

https://www.daryldesmarais.com/ Advise New CEOs with Marketing Strategy, Turnarounds and Strategic Development Issues. Development of Sales and Marketing Systems, Development of Business Strategies, ...

Small Business Owner Business Growth Strategy

Assist Small Business Owners with Industry Change in Retail, Restaurant, Hotel and Service Industry Development. Strategic Consulting for Business Growth, Turnarounds and Strategy. Consulting experience in various cities since 1997.

Change Your Path, Goals & Technology for Entrepreneurs & Professionals E-Book

https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B073Z9B59W Would you like a workbook to transition quicker from being a professional to being an entrepreneur and help with your goals? Learn about New Technologies, How to Start and Develop your Business Online or Service Based. Hear from Expert Mentors and...
Businesses We Recommend
Brenda is a great person to learn communication and leadership skills from amd if you are in sales and marketing, in business, self-employment or non-profit in or near downtown Calgary this would be a good club to join.
Boutique Specialized Knowledge in Analytics.
Great source for nature, futuristic and Alberta relevant art.
Michelle has been a great leader of Awareness Strategies for many years. Would recommend her.
I have known Jeff for almost 10 years with his marketing and technology business and would recommend his analytical technology marketing expertise. Daryl Des Marais daryldesmarais.com
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Personal Growth Event with Merilee Bogle, Certified Dream Builder Coach, Daryl Des Marais, Business and Personal Growth Expert, Terry Kozlyk, 2xDTM Advanced Toastmaster Leader https://www.meetup.com/Business-and-Personal-Gr...