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About Us

We are a company invested in the long-term economic well-being of our families and our community. Through financial literacy, financial planning and tax savings our team of dedicated professionals will serve our clients with the highest standards of ethics, knowledge and service with a value-based, holistic solution to meet the changing needs of Canadian families. We will align your financial goals with not only with your balance sheet, but also guide you towards achieving significance in your life.

Our mission is to build an intergenerational financial road map that allows you to understand your financial goals as they relate to your personal values and beliefs, unify and simplify your consumer debt, teach you how to recapture your financing costs, plan for your predictable and unpredictable emergencies, create a risk management plan that will minimize financial devastation in the event of loss of employment, disability, illness or premature death. Your financial plan will include strategies to use pennies to buy dollars. We will prepare you for voluntary unemployment with a predictable, guaranteed paycheque and ensure proper inter-generational legacy planning to ensure your wishes continue to the next generation.

Education. Financial planning. Tax & Business Consulting.

Peace of mind.


Our Ideal Customer

For our family market, our ideal clients who people are looking for comprehensive financial planning through cash flow planning, debt management, creation of capital reserve emergency fund, risk management plan through insurance and tax planning, need assistance building a financial road map and require tax consulting. Our client profile primarily comprises of families making $150k+, have a family or a business, have at least $50,000 of assets, own a home and need assistance getting back on track with their finances. The biggest indicator of success is their commitment to behavioural financial planning.

For our business clients, we serve businesses that are in startup phase as well as businesses in growth phase who are incorporated with a minimum of 5 employees and gross revenues of $500,000.

Our Team
Jesse Vu from Exceedia Consulting Ltd.
Jesse Vu
CEO, Senior Consulting Advisor
Jon Mah from Exceedia Consulting Ltd.
Jon Mah
Administration and Tax
Mahsa Ghavari from Exceedia Consulting Ltd.
Mahsa Ghavari
Administration and Tax
Omotoke Fayokun from Exceedia Consulting Ltd.
Omotoke Fayokun
Administration and Tax
Jesyvelle Cruz from Exceedia Consulting Ltd.
Jesyvelle Cruz
Financial and Business Strategist
Products & Services

Business Grants for Growing Businesses

Want to find out how to get your business to the next level with government training grants? Contact us to find out if we can help you.
Businesses We Recommend
If you want to be pampered with paraffin treatments, hot towels and an attentive aesthetician with over 13 years experience, Sally will be sure to impress you.
A friend had invited me to a business workshop that was being offered and I agreed to attend. I have to say that the 6 Steps to Grow Any Business seminar was enlightening. It was as if everything I have been struggling to build by myself had been translated into an easy to digest formula. For the first time in a long time, I had clarity about my process. I accepted their free consultation and I was introduced to our business coach Kevin Simpson. To convey all the wonderful things that have happened since July 2016 to our business would require a novel, but these are some of the things that really changed our business: Having the DISC profiles completed helped us better understand the communication in the team, this tool along with the proper guidance helped translate my personality (DD) to better communicate with my team (mostly S). We realized we had the wrong people on our team because it wasn't working for a long time, but now we understood why it was failing. Kevin spent time helping us identify the right fit people to look for when we started hiring. I remember questioning whether coaching was something I should continue with because it wasn't moving fast enough for me. Kevin asked me to attend the 90 Day Growth Club with the team before making a final decision - remember - we are in the middle of a recession and my coaching investment was a significant chunk of my monthly expenditures. Our entire team (including the brand new associates less than a month) attended the workshop together - even as the decision to quit coaching was hanging in the air. Here's the crazy part - after the 90 Day Growth Club, I DOUBLED our coaching - this is where the trajectory of our company changed forever - less than one month after Growth Club, we did a record $60,000 month in September (previous months were $20,000) and only two months later, we put in an offer to move to an office 2.5x the size of our current location because it was TOO SMALL to fit our growth. Imagine if that day in August, Kevin had given up on us? What if we had given up on Kevin? We never would have known what would have been possible in such a small window of time. Thank you to the amazing team at Action Edge Coaching - to Jarrod who has taught workshops for our team, to Wendy who always greets us warmly by name, to our wonderful coach Kevin - I could never convey enough appreciation about how much your efforts both individually AND collectively have changed the lives of our associates at Exceedia Financial Solutions, Exceedia Consulting Ltd., Exceedia Financial Tax Services
We are proud to be scholarship donors for this great organization that helps newcomer youth adjust to life in Canada
Josephine and her husband are a hard working couple
Your brand and your logo is the first thing that someone sees of you. Too many people try to choose the cheapest option and find themselves having to fix it later. Jan was an absolute pleasure to work with. She spent hours ensuring my logo reflected my vision and she did such an amazing job that we offered her company a contract to work with our business clients. I am impressed with her work ethic and her strive for excellence for the client.
They are quite responsive and can been able to provide our clients with pricing lower than any other quotes.
Past Events & Promotions
Would you like to connect with Exceedia and share your business? On July 18, 2017 we will have a business open house where new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners can come share what they do. Come prepared to speak for 5 minutes about what you do, what you are looking for help...
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