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About Us

Global Connections ESL promotes career growth for newcomers to Canada through custom-designed business communication and accent reduction skills training. Our clients, many with technical careers, enhance their written effectiveness and professionalism by accessing our editing services, either in-person or remotely. Writing and presentation skills’ coaching prepares individuals in both business and academia to engage the fine nuances of communication required to persuade, build relationships, and refine professionalism. Our clients’ feedback suggest they are more confident following their training programs, enabling them to advance their careers and more fully embrace their Canadian experience.

Corporate Training needs assessments, as well as learning pre and post testing services enable decision makers to measure their return on investment. Please contact Christal for a complementary assessment of your training goals and needs at Christal@gcesl.ca.

Our Ideal Customer

Global Connections provides English as a Second Language Training, Coaching, and Editing for work. Our clients are usually professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, and technical people. We offer customized training programs with pre and post testing to measure results. Our signature program is Accent Reduction integrated with Business Communication Skills.

Our Team
Christal Reed from Global Connections ESL
Christal Reed
Training Consultant
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Past Events & Promotions
STAR WARS MONOPOLY LINGUA NIGHT A Fun Accent Reduction Learning Event Participation Fee - $20 Call Christal at 403-241-1390 to register. For this event, the Star Wars Monopoly game has been reinvented to give participants an opportunity to have fun while learning and practicing English...
Acquired Skills: • Speak with the confidence that says “my accent is my advantage” • Practice English sounds and intonation patterns that facilitate relationship building, persuasion, and clarity. • Be Understood by others the first time • Use telephone expressions to improve comprehension •...