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About Us

As a Financial Advisor, I work with individuals, families and businesses to build financial plans they can count on with certainty, in an uncertain economy. We look at how to get the most value out of what we have and how to build to become to increase that value. Looking forward to connecting with others to be part of a necessary team. I also enjoy speaking to groups of all ages and backgrounds, so as to demystify the highs and lows of financial foundations. Often the start of that foundation can be found in how we manage our groceries - this will easily find savings with a bonus of improved health! "The wealth of your health will pave the way for the health of your wealth!" My book - Found: Health, Wealth, and Time in a Grocery Bag has brought these concepts together to easily put a system in place that will consistently produce the necessary results - a coach to count on for a lifetime of events and activities to enjoy! Please check: Instagram @foundhealthwealthtime

How We Got Started

I saw a way to help people further in the financial puzzle. I am a former teacher who saw that my skills applied to financial literacy would be a valuable resource. This now comes into play whether I am working with one family, one business, or one individual, plus it is extremely helpful for presentations, for passing on the right message to be received the best way. I enjoy speaking to all ages, sometimes the message needs to be the same, delivered the same way, but I enjoy adapting the delivery method and customizing to the group I am with.

Our Ideal Customer

People looking for answers and solutions to their financial puzzle - this could be young adults, young families, mid-range families, Baby Boomer-Seniors, seniors , single parents, and businesses. Often, there is a mix of each! All ages, all backgrounds, all income levels!

In a few words : financial puzzles needing solutions with that missing piece of the puzzle! Finding that missing piece is a team effort, which ensures that the piece stays in place, not to be lost again!

Our Team
Sheryl Rothert from Found: The Health of Your Wealth Made Simple
Sheryl Rothert
Financial Advisor
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DO check my Instagram page for the mini-blogs I do. It is easy to order my book from Amazon there, as well as from my Facebook page. The book is an excellent support for new home owners, new parents, newly married, just starting a career, starting any new chapter, or just keeping up to managing...
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Found: Health, Wealth and Time in a Grocery Bag

Did you realize that savings for future life events can be found in how you manage your groceries? Simple changes can find $50-$100-$200/mo (maybe more for some!) $200/mo invested at 8% can actually become $1.5 million! Imagine that - just with groceries! The bonus is your health improves and you...

Investment protected by insurance, for businesses, families and individuals

I have access to a wide range of products to customize the best solutions for each situation.
Businesses We Recommend
Kerry and Mike have solid integrity when you are working with them. Their work is done well and people can feel very secure that the work is done to the peak of absolute safety. A most enjoyable couple to work with, as well!
Mona and her team have a tremendous support structure for families having to deal with the struggles of a health issue that is standing in the way of a comforting functioning of the family. After getting to know Mona and her methods, I'm very pleased with the approach that Mona has to difficult family situations and would highly recommend families to be in touch to start the path of arriving at the solutions their family needs.
It's great to be able to recommend Jordy and Automatic Rain Irrigation Architects Ltd. - a most efficient system for controlled care!
I am very impressed with the facility at Salt Crystal. It has a very serene and peaceful environment, the set-up of the salt therapy rooms amazing to see. Tatiana is fantastic at giving a tour of the facilities and explaining the process of salt therapy. It is a most soothing therapy for those with breathing issues, also benefitting skin problems and helping to alleviate stress. Salt Crystal is a wonderful facility to be able to recommend to people!
Jeff shows a great interest in the business owners he looks out for, in order to arrive at the best solutions for the business. He is very easy to talk to, putting the business owner at ease right away, so as to feel comfortable going over all the numbers coming out of the business! Business owners need to know that the world of saving costs and taxes is looked after, so that they can do what they do best - looking after the customer using their business. All around, a business owner can relax, knowing that the complexity of taxes is looked after, by those that know best! Jeff will be there in a minute, which is also nice to know!
Canada Wedding Network is a great way for vendors to feature their services and for those involved in the planning of a wedding to seek out the services and products they need for the success of the events related to a wedding! It is very nice to have all the necessary parts in one place!
Mary Lou has tremendous integrity when it comes to working with her clients. People can feel very secure that the work is done to the peak of absolute perfection. Mary Lou cares very much for her clients - a great person to go to with many answers to many questions! Mary Lou is most enjoyable to work with, as well!
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When you are wondering where the extra money is going to come from when you have bills set in stone, your groceries are a great source! How you plan meals, your grocery list, your shopping, your storage, cooking and use of leftovers for your own free fast food will produce a good $50-$200/mo in...
Business owners can add energy to their business with fitness activity. GoodLife Fitness joins the event to discuss how to make fitness fit with the busy schedule of a business owner ! I will join in to discuss further benefits of health in this mix! Bonus : savings!

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