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Our clientele are individuals between the ages of 18-65 who are needing assistance improving their level of functioning or in managing specific problem areas in their lives.

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The intention of our centre is to provide services to assist individuals in enhancing their wellness using a variety of disciplines. Our team uses a collaborative effort to address concerns with a holistic approach. We believe in the capacity of individuals to acquire the skills and strategies that will assist them in managing life stressors or lessen the impact of the symptoms they experience. We want to empower individuals to find balance and increase their personal satisfaction

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Looking to improve your communication skills? In our attempt to clearly convey a message to another person, there can be numerous factors that influence our ability to stay on track, stick to our values, and accurately express ourselves. This workshop teaches strategies to assist participantsin...
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This series provides both the theory behind the practice as well as experiential practice of mindfulness. Good for those wanting to quiet their mind and eliminate stress!
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It seems as though we all have the knowledge around our dietary needs however we struggle to stay accountable to our goals. This group is facilitated by a registered dietitian and offers support to individuals who are looking for nutritional tips, assistance with accountability and to be around...
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