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I am looking for people who are serious about protecting their loved ones by having at least some protection in place rather than nothing.

A Go Fund Me page is no substitute for having insurance, even if it is a small policy.

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"Be remembered as someone who cares". No one has gone bankrupt because they bought insurance, but families have because they didn't. Think about it insured, rather than uninsured. You can be remembered by your family as that wonderful person who left them financially secure or you can leave them nothing. I guarantee that if you do either, they will never forget you.

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Our mission is to help you protect the lifestyle you spent a lifetime to build, even though you wonder how you can even afford to do so. Insurance can be somewhat confusing and complicated. My goal as your independent advisor is to make insurance simple to understand and to own. I do this by providing all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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The decision to study outside of your home province or country is a big one. You’ve got a lot on your mind. But don’t forget about your health coverage. StudentPlan from GMS helps fill the gaps left by provincial health care plans. It also provides coverage for trips you may take while...
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An innovative insurance for today's families. Same rate regardless of your child’s age or gender. Children360 offers either critical illness insurance or critical illness and life insurance. Add these supplementary benefits: Extra Life Insurance, Option Plus, and Premium Refunds. ...

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Find out how affordable life insurance really is! Please provide the following information: First & Last Name / Gender / Date of birth / Smoker or Nonsmoker / Amount / Any health issues / Type of insurance / Reason for quote


Get A No-Obligation Quote! No-Medical Exam (Life & Critical Illness), Simplified Issue (Life & Critical Illness), Guaranteed Issue (Life & Critical Illness), Seniors, New Canadians, people with serious or severe health issues


Request A Quote! Critical Illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke, & more), Children's Critical Illness, Disability (to protect your paycheck), Fracture Accident, Accidental Dismemberment


Request A Free Quote! Mortgage Life Insurance, Term Life, Whole Life, Term to age 100, Children's Life, Final Expense


Purchase online! Emergency medical insurance, essential whenever travelling outside Alberta (https://online.gms.ca/cims/web/travel/applicant...), Visitors to Canada (https://online.gms.ca/cims/web/travel/broker.as...), Student medical insurance.


Ask For A No-Obligation Quote! Health & Dental plans for Individuals and Families (buy online at https://online.gms.ca/cims/web/indiv/applicant....), Student health plans, Group plans for self-employed individuals and small groups, Super Visa health insurance (buy online at...


Book Your Appointment Today! RRSP, TFSA, Segregated funds (similar to mutual funds, but with guarantees), Annuities (retirement income guaranteed to not run out)


Request A Quote! Personal, Self-employed, Rental income, Subcontractor, Commission income, Multiple years.
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I use Google Calendar and Google Keep. One colour coded layer is for appointments, meetings, and seminars. Another colour coded layer is for office and administrative tasks. I use Keep as a... (more)
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Question everything so that you fully understand. Don,t be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a silly question or too many questions. Make sure answers are clear in your mind. (more)

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