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About Us

Pro-jekts is a FREE platform that allows anyone to signup, post a project and connect with any professional they need instantly. Your membership also gets you access to project specific FAQ’s linked directly from the City including application forms, permitting processes and even the local bylaws. This is an entirely new type of construction website!

How We Got Started

Pro-jekts was founded to create the first true HUB for construction. It only makes sense that the website you visit to find a contractor can also educate about all the other aspects of actually completing that job. The permitting process, the forms you need, even the bylaws. Now, with Pro-jekts.com, it is all in one place!

Our Ideal Customer

Anyone! Honestly, anyone that needs any type of service and anyone that offers any type of service. From building a new house to running garbage to the landfill, Pro-jekts is for you!

Our Team
Robert Carpenter from Pro-jekts Advertising Inc.
Robert Carpenter
Past Events & Promotions
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Come and check out our booth at the upcoming Home+Garden Show in Calgary AB.
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Come and check out our booth at the upcoming Home+Renovation show in Calgary AB