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I am looking for people with issues in their muscles. Whether tension from stress or accident related whiplash. It doesnt matter. If you have anxiety/ stess and you dont know if u could ever be right, i am a relaxation therapist. Let me council you on how you can overcome in, be victorious. Be healed.

I am willing to work with anyone. Give me a call at 403-689-3041. Just ask fir Janet

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the purpose of my page is to let you know I exist and that I am looking for clients.

I have reasonable rates

We offer therapeutic massage, deep tissue, relaxation massage , relaxation, maternity, manual lymphatic. Council on relaxation therapy.

Deep tissue Therapeutic massage

A therapeutic massage consists of trigger point release, myofascial release

Hot stone treatment

During your massage experience a massage with Hot smooth Rocks which keep the heat in for a while so it can relax the muscles and cause your body to gain allthepleasuresof the massage

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