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About Us

Personalized in-home care for animals. My goal is to give my clients complete peace of mind while they're on vacation, working long hours or just out enjoying the day.

I have lifelong experience with different types of animals, with varying needs (medical and otherwise) and varying temperaments. Animals under my care get to stay in the safety and security of their own home, on their regular schedule, surrounded by their favorite things. My clients then get to return to a relaxed household full of happy and healthy pets.

How We Got Started

I have always loved animals. I have always volunteered with, advocated for and rescued animals. After my 2nd daughter was born, the thought of returning to something I was less than 150% happy doing just wasn't an option. Working with animals is a dream come true. My children watching me build this dream, being taught the love and compassion it takes to care for animals, is something I never could have even dreamed of.

Our Ideal Customer

People who value the health & happiness of their pets as much as I will.

Our Team
Jem Whitenack from Bumble & Roo Pet Care
Jem Whitenack
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Products & Services

Vacation Care

Pets get to stay in the comfort of their own home, with their regular routines & all the comforts they love. I will do every little thing to make sure they barely notice you're gone, but are so happy to see you when you get back. I will update you after every visit with photos and let you know...

Daily dog walks

If you work long hours or a weird schedule I will be there to make sure your animals are walked, fed, medicated, anything they need! If you are out for the day and don't want to cut the fun short, I will make sure your pets are taken care of. Standing daily appointments or flexible appointments...

Pet taxi

I can drop off or pick up your pets from daycare. Need one picked up after a medical procedure? I can do that too. Need them taken to or picked up from the in-laws? I'm happy to help!
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