Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal client is in the animal welfare business or in the pet industry. We advise our clients on what pet owners want in services, pet food, pet care, wellness, nutrition, supplements and overall holistic wellness.

We advise shelters on how to brand themselves, how to build a culture of greatness and how to create Tribes of volunteers who passionately care for animals. We work only with those who share our lifelong commitment to the human and companion animal bond.

About Us

Green Pets America Charities. IRS 501c3 Non-Profit Organization founded in Ga. 2007. The bottom line in everything we do at the Green Pets America Foundation is driven by this one question: How can we best advance and showcase the power of the human animal bond for the greater good of animal and man?

How We Got Started

We started a pet food pantry, then death row rescue, then providing service dogs, then became consultants for animal shelters and for the pet industry.. At our core, we are a nonprofit dedicated to improving the well-being of companion animals. Educating and teaching pet parents how to care for their family pets.


The book on Rescuing Renewing and Rehoming every animal shelter pet in America using our 20-point program. Great reviews and acceptance in the pet industry and pet lovers.
Businesses We Recommend
Sheila is one of the finest Yoga teachers in this area.
Tammy at Stunning Ladies is a networker extraordinaire. Her products are top rated. Ask her to speak at your meetings on women's safety.
Super nice people. Beautiful work. They give back to the community. They designed and donated their services to our nonprofit Green Pets America for the first book cover for our book RESCUE RENEW REHOME.
Great people and they love pets. They help and support Green Pets America Foundation.
Super great products.
Jeff Snow knows his stuff. Jeff is an experienced Toastmaster speaker. Ask him to make a presentation at your group.
Great web design. excellent writing of content for your business. Strong in Branding. Outside the box thinker. Extremely trustworthy and highly experienced.
Doing great educational work on dog diabetes.
Dan does great work, is reasonable in pricing and highly ethical in his dealings. You can trust Dan Coker for all your sign work. They also do short branding videos for small businesses as well.
Marilyn is an enlightened healer. She can help you find peace and wellness
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I founded and have run an animal welfare nonprofit for 14 years. We are self funded. Securing grants and putting on fundraisers took too much time away from our work of rescuing animals and feeding... (more)
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volunteers need something to do. Have an event. Ask people to help you with it. Create things that draws people to your cause. (more)

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