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About Us

I have a meetup organization of more than 65,000+ business owners and professionals in the Silicon Valley Area. I would love to help you grow your own audience and engage them concretely.

Growing Your Audience, Your Vision & Your Profits using Meetup, LinkedIn & Intelligent Marketing.

--------------------- WHAT I DO --------------------

★ Meetup Done WITH you - Hand-holding, strategy & design for your Meetup Audience.

★ Meetup Done FOR you - we take over managing your meetup - freeing up your time.

★ Marketing Done WITH you - Hand-holding strategy & design for your Marketing.

★ Marketing Done FOR you - we take over your marketing department - freeing up your time.

★ LINKEDIn Marketing and Outreach DONE FOR you.

★ Join my Global Meetup Mastermind Group - contact me for more details. - Collaborations globally to generate audiences.

------------------- HOW TO START ----------------

Information on Meetups + a Free Report : www.MeetupMoneyMakingSecrets.com.

To schedule a chat with me: www.MeetupChat.com.

To contact me, email me at Sunil@CahayaMind.com.

------------------ HOW DO I HELP YOUR TEAM ------------------------

We also work with entrepreneurs to create Joyful and Successful Employees - this fits very neatly into the vision that we have. Contact me to find out more.

Much kindness and success to you.

Sunil Bhaskaran

How We Got Started

Entrepreneurs, experts, authors, small business owners and business people are finding it more and more difficult to generate a large audience of followers. I struggled with this in my early years and I want to share this valuable, leading edge information with people who have a vision and understand the need to build their audience.

Our Ideal Customer

I work with small business owners and direct leaders of large businesses to help build, engage and convert their audience into committed and loyal clients & committed champions for their cause.

Examples include but are not limited to experts, marketing specialists, speakers, authors, coaches, wealth, investment and financial service providers, real estate companies, health and fitness professionals including chiropractors, doctors and dentists and healers.

Our Team
Sunil Bhaskaran from Cahaya Mind, LLC
Sunil Bhaskaran
Catriona Palo from Cahaya Mind, LLC
Catriona Palo
Susan Showers from Cahaya Mind, LLC
Susan Showers
Products & Services

Free Report - 6 Ways to Make Money Using Your Own Business on Meetup

Click here: http://www.meetupmoneymakingsecrets.com/ We have an Active Meetup Membership outreach of 60,000+ Business Owners and Professionals from which we have made a Healthy Six Figure Income.* How to Make Money Using Meetup in Your Current Business? How to Start Building an Audience in...

Grow Your Business Audience using Meetup - FREE CHAT

If you are serious about growing your audience on meetup - let's have a chat. Click here. http:/www.MeetupChat.com * How to Grow Your Audience - Steps customized to you * What is the Global Meetup Mastermind and how can it build your local, national and global audience? * If you have a...

Build Your Audience Starting in Two Weeks - Learn & Register

Join "Meetup Money Making Secrets" Meetup Accelerator Program Click here now to learn more: http://www.GrowYourMeetup.com What will you gain: 1. Conquer your home town/area: How to grow your group or groups locally. 2. Bring the world to you: How to use webinars or livestreaming...
Businesses We Recommend
Antia and her husband are some of the best people I know in business. They are responsive and love to help and serve their clients. I would highly recommend working with them!
Jory Hingson Fisher has a great vision for helping entrepreneurs satisfy their needs for results and satisfaction in what they do. She runs great programs that help elevate and connect people. Personally, I find her enthusiastic and full of life and vigor for helping people. I would highly recommend getting connected with her and doing her programs to learn more!
Xiaoli brings a magnificent amount of depth and experience to her coaching of women and men in love and relationships. If you are looking to have the experience of love bloom in concrete ways, be sure to work with her!
Marjorie has a great way of being not only with her clients but with people that she networks with. Her generosity and calm manner makes her someone very great to do business with and feel good whilst doing it!
Great restaurant with stellar menu!
David has a great space to come enjoy the finest ice creams and his staff follows his lead on being welcoming and knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure to see him and his staff and to take their lovely ice creams!
Helping keep the oceans clean.
Steve recognizes the value of true marketing and then helping you build sensible funnels and marketing systems that feed and nurture you. Pay attention to him and what he suggests!
Jo Anna Wright takes great care with training people on the things that matter most in wealth and real estate asset growth. She has the experience and the depth to guide you to where you want to go.
I have known Loretta for now more than 20 years. She has always been up front, solid and super competent in what she does. I highly recommend working with her!
Kimberly brings patience and skilled communications to help teens and parents discover common ground, love, depth and results. Teens feel very comfortable with her and Parents know that she will also help their loved ones bring out their best and fullest self expression.
Belinda brings strong and loving presence to her mentoring of couples and individuals - men and women - in helping them discover not just love but true and deep meaning in themselves and how they can fit into the world powerfully and with results.
Santiago's magic is intriguing and spell-binding for people who see him personally. He also makes the audience feel safe and not 'oversold'. He is a genuine joy to watch.
Angeline is so loved by her clients and has great creative and imaginative programs that truly help clients find love and relationships that work!
California Association Directors of Activities,
California Association Directors of Activities
• Non Profit Organization
Past Events & Promotions
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How does meetup work and how can it work for you? Specific topics of interest for building your audience - including live webinars on meetup, speaking gigs on meetup, the Global Meetup Mastermind and more. Special offers and discounts. Get the free report and get on our free webinar schedule:...
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How to make money in your own business using Meetup. There are six ways that we share here: www.MeetupMoneyMakingSecrets.com. Free report. We have a meetup organization with more than 28,000 members - business owners and professionals and we can show you how you can make money in your own...
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Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!