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I work with small business owners and direct leaders of large businesses to help build, engage and convert their audience into committed and loyal clients & committed champions for their cause.

Examples include but are not limited to experts, marketing specialists, speakers, authors, coaches, wealth, investment and financial service providers, real estate companies, health and fitness professionals including chiropractors, doctors and dentists and healers.

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Growing Your Audience, Collaborations & Profits using Intelligently Designed Marketing

★ Founder - 73,190+ meetup organization - business owners & professionals in Silicon Valley, Ca.

★ Founder - The Global Meetup Mastermind - Facilitating Collaborations Worldwide.

★ Mentor to Business Leaders and Visionaries since 1991.

★ Successful entrant - Shark Tank for Experts - Winning Proposal - Global Meetup Mastermind.

★ Author, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor.

What I provide:

★ Premium 1-on-1 Marketing Guidance & Collaborations / Promotions to my audience: Contact Me.

★ Exclusive Membership in Global Meetup Mastermind - http://www.GrowYourMeetup.com .

★ Do-It-Yourself Meetup Accelerator Support System: http://bit.ly/2wmNCSg

★ Compelling Vision & Branding Strategy Design: Contact Me.

Information on Meetups + a Free Report: www.MeetupMoneyMakingSecrets.com

- to schedule a chat with me: http://www.MeetupChat.com

- to contact me, email me at Sunil@CahayaMind.com

Much kindness and success to you.

Sunil Bhaskaran

My Vision = 100 Million Bold, Joyful & Successful Entrepreneurs by 2027.

Join me in making this happen!

How We Got Started

Entrepreneurs, experts, authors, small business owners and business people are finding it more and more difficult to generate a large audience of followers. I struggled with this in my early years and I want to share this valuable, leading edge information with people who have a vision and understand the need to build their audience.

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Businesses We Recommend
Much needed service for sure in the restaurant and hospitality business!
Marjorie has a great way of being not only with her clients but with people that she networks with. Her generosity and calm manner makes her someone very great to do business with and feel good whilst doing it!
Awesome music... and so proud to have her here locally - and of course, she is my lovely wife! Her music is beautiful and unique.. and highly professional with kind and gratifying compliments from the top professionals in the industry- she has sung with Toto and other major groups in the past.
Xiaoli brings a magnificent amount of depth and experience to her coaching of women and men in love and relationships. If you are looking to have the experience of love bloom in concrete ways, be sure to work with her!
Joe is a great and very personable coach to work with . He works with Brain Science to help you get clear and focused. I highly recommend working with him.
Helping keep the oceans clean.
Diana Hagerty is highly professional in the way that she conducts business. I have been in business since 1991 - it is rare to find such high quality work and attention to detail.
Great restaurant with stellar menu!
Santiago's magic is intriguing and spell-binding for people who see him personally. He also makes the audience feel safe and not 'oversold'. He is a genuine joy to watch.
California Association Directors of Activities,
California Association Directors of Activities
• Non Profit Organization
Top Forum Activity
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Are the Best Marketing Techniques for a Newly...
25 days ago • 3 Likes • 1 Reply
1. Start with Basics. Pay more attention to Strategy and Vision and less on tactics or techniques. Tactics and techniques should follow vision and strategy. 2. Basics = Clear on Vision - Get... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered If Over 80% of Small Business Owners Will Fail, What...
9 days ago • 2 Likes
The four horses of death = Resignation, Fear, Frustration and Guilt and probably some minor ponies :-) (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered New to This Network, Any Advice?
about 1 month ago • 2 Likes
Set healthy expectations - no overnight results. Build connections, identify core target markets, figure out ways to collaborate on a true win-win, approach people with compelling collaborative... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered How Are You Networking?
about 2 months ago • 2 Likes
I don't network. I set up networking events and groups and collaborations so that people come to me. It works better. (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered Business Coaches, How Do You Let Clients Know You Have a...
2 months ago • 2 Likes
Short term quick answer: don't bring it up until you need to and you feel good about working with this person i.e. they indicate a strong willingness to be coached, etc. Then when they do, either... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered If You Have Ever Tried an Online Coaching Program, What...
about 2 months ago • 2 Likes • 1 Reply
Getting personalized service. Which I know is antithetical to online program - but it is often what is MOST needed. (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered How would you perceive free consultation from a business...
3 months ago • 2 Likes • 1 Reply
Thank you Maryellen for your question. I think there are two more important questions to ask - 1. What do you really provide that would give the greatest value to your end clients? 2. How can... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered How to Find Clients as a Coach and Speaker?
24 days ago • 1 Like
You can look for short cuts and there are a few. But the short cuts come at a price - pretty expensive price. Long term thinking out does short term tips. Long term: The first thing I would do is... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Should a Small Business Consultant Charge a Client...
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
Impossible to say without seeing the scope - how many employees, what timeline, what state, what laws, local costs, variable costs, fixed costs, budget, politics, specific responsibilities, risks,... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Is the Best Way to Book Speaking Engagements?
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
2 things: 1. Better to create your own speaking events where you speak and are the direct focus of attention and you keep the audience engagement and branding e.g. doing your own meetups (see... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Should I Look for in a Business Coach?
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
The first and MOST important place to start from is to distinguish what you want. Otherwise, you will be wasting other people's time. What do you want 1. Subjectively e.g. confidence, emotional... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Is the Best Way For A Business Coach to Get the...
4 months ago • 1 Like
Dear Mr. De Stefano, First abstractions, then specifics: #1. You must understand exactly what functional result, emotional result and social result the business owner / owners in your market... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Do You Think Is The Biggest Barrier That Stops...
12 days ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Frankly - and I have been in the coaching and expert business since 1991 (and still willing to be wrong) - the biggest barrier is that the business owners do not understand what the heck they can... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered Is It a Good Option to Offer a Percent Discount on...
4 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Yes: I agree with most of what is already commented on here. My preference is to guide coaches that I work with to explore how to 1. make the value of what you offer clearly higher 2. message the... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered How Can Get Into Businesses to Do a Free One Hour...
4 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
The world of coaching is now very competitive and customers are wary of low quality coaches who promise the world and tend to deliver nothing. I am sure you are not like that. To answer your... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Do You Do Daily To Ensure Your Business Is Moving...
5 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Innovate - Look for better ways to market (build audience, engage, convert) and looks for better ways to serve. Yes.. everyday! :-) (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered What Platform Works Best to Market Business Coaching...
16 days ago
All the answers above are good. I would add a few: 1. Create a strong brand that aligns with a powerful vision that gets your mojo going and gets other people's mojo going. Be sure to make it... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered Why Are You Using Alignable?
18 days ago
Addendum to my answer below. If you are not getting traction with Alignable, there may be two sources of the issue: 1. Your offerings are not compelling worded or clear enough 2. you are not... (more)
Sunil Bhaskaran answered Coaches, What Do You Think Is the Best Way to Reach...
about 1 month ago
I have used a successful meetup strategy in the past. There are right ways to do it and wrong ways to do it. (more)

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