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About Us

My team and I are experts, with proven bottom-line results, at focussing on the three-legged stool of all businesses:

- Optimizing the business

- Optimizing the performance of people

- Optimizing the environment in which you work

With constant change, new technologies, & new challenges it is vital to stay relevant and dynamic if you wish to be successful, regardless of the changes and movement in your industry. Mostly people focus on only one or two of these three aspects. That means that every time something changes, you have to rework and relearn how to address the change. By developing and hiring to people who are skilled at all three aspects, you grow and develop to stay relevant continually.

Knowing your own strengths and investing in other’s strengths is key.

If you try to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything! An effective leader is aware of his/her talents and works to sharpen them. Leadership is personal – your talents, your personality, your strengths, your limitations – these differences from other leaders define you and lead to your success.

We want to bring that awareness of your particular contribution and value, and make it visible to the team in order to position you to have the opportunity to do what you do best every day, and to know who to go to when you need their strength for best end results. This makes your job easier, makes you better and drives bottom line results.

How We Got Started

Years of expertise and tangible results have shown how possible it is to create a culture of strength and fun, whilst achieving unprecedented growth.

Our Ideal Customer

Any organization that must optimize for growth, is determined to stay relevant, and is focused on dramatic bottom-line improvements

Our Team
Anne Perry from 3L Advisors
Anne Perry
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Strengths-Based Leadership

3 Keys To Being Effective Leader:  Knowing your own strengths and investing in other’s strengths  Getting people with the right strengths on your team  Understanding and meeting the 4 basic needs of those who look to you for leadership:  Hope  Stability  Trust  Compassion - If you...
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To me it's all about TRUST! You have to be able to trust the people you work with and know with an absolute surety that they have integrity, the skills you need, and will treat you and your business as their own. This is what makes Ward valuable, trusted and reliable.
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