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About Us

A Microsoft Bizspark startup, New Era Code implements Azure Cloud services and Microsoft emerging tech (HoloLens, Mixed Reality, IoT) solutions to create engaging products. Specialist that takes legacy or MVP type web applications and performs maintainable cloud infrastructure and application architecture.

Our Ideal Customer

Game companies looking to branch off into the Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality market,

Marketing companies looking to use AR / MR / IoT for innovative promotional products,

Robotics companies looking for ways to take their products to the next level,

Aeronautics | NASA,

Government contractors,

Entrepreneurs who are interested in emerging tech

Our Team
Julia Jacobs from New Era Code
Julia Jacobs
Chief Solutions Architect
Products & Services

Azure Products And Solutions

See all products here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/?v=1... Virtual Machines App Service SQL Database Storage Cloud Services Azure Cosmos DB Azure Active Directory Backup HDInsight Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight Apache Storm for HDInsight R Server for HDInsight ...
Businesses We Recommend
Great service
Great place to work and drink coffee
Fantastic product, excellent customer service. Really went above and beyond answering all of my questions and getting me in touch with other companies trying to accomplish the same complex tasks.
Great, caring, ethical recruiter. Hooked me up with a major client.
Past Events & Promotions
https://www.meetup.com/Austin-HoloLens/ Every other Thursday at Capitol Factory The Capital Factory is in the Omni Hotel. The room is on the first floor called WALL-E. There is parking at the Omni Hotel. You will get a voucher from Capital Factory that will cut your parking cost to $5. ...
Top Forum Activity
Julia Jacobs answered What Would You Use Augmented Reality for in Your Industry?
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
I'm not sure if this qualified as a good answer and I hope it's not taken as promotional but I can tell you the type of clients I have worked with who use it and other companies I've seen other... (more)