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Our ideal client is someone who is looking for a long term, sustainable wellness regimen to allow them to move through the aging process with less pain and vibrant health.

About Us

We are your local home for original small group boot camp style fitness classes and wellness programming, including yoga, qigong, meditation, and nutrition education. And beyond the gym, we are active in the local community, hosting 2 Red Cross Blood Drives annually, serving as a drop point for the Saukville Community Pantry and we do ongoing events to support Advocates of Ozaukee County. Get fit. Be Well. Do Good.

How We Got Started

Jim was a longtime youth coach who found himself with health issues in his 40s .. now in his mid 50s and in the best shape of his life, he is evangelizing health to others!


2 morning Ashtanga sessions weekly plus an evening Vinyasa session.


Morning Qigong - Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 6:30 am. Free and open to the public!
Businesses We Recommend
Stumped for a gift? Frill is the answer .... you'll find something here for even the hardest to shop for friend/family member/colleague or other special someone!
Deep experience with businesses large and not so large. Excellent to work with!!
Tom is an individual of the highest character. I look forward to working with Tom as he takes over the business!
Ken runs the finest baseball operation in the area!
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