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About Us

The average data breach costs the company four million dollars. The better you understand your security posture and strategy, the less likely that your company become a statistic under breached and failed.

Atlanta Cloud Technology solves this.

We do this by providing strategic business security consultation without a preconception of a product you NEED.

How We Got Started

My name is Wolf Halton, and I am a security researcher and published author in the security space. I have also been a business owner for over 30 years. Most of my work in the last 5 years has been doing PCI engineering and analysis for huge corporations in the financial and communications verticals. They have large teams to implement security solutions and can afford to make a few mistakes in how they spend their security dollars. I want to reach smaller companies who believe that they cannot afford to implement adequate security practices in place. I show you how risk analysis and strategic security analysis can save you thousands or millions in unexpected losses as well as tremendous damage to your company's reputation.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is a mid-sized business with a gross of $5 million or more annually, or over 10 thousand customers in their systems. If you are getting most of your security advice from solution vendors, you need an expert in your corner who is not a vendor for any specific solution. You need a friend in the network security business. I can be that friend.

Our Team
Wolf Halton from Atlanta Cloud Technology Inc.
Wolf Halton
Products & Services

Business Security Strategy Session

I am a business security strategy consultant. I want to help medium sized businesses to include security in their business strategies. The average data breach costs an organization about four million dollars, and that breaks down to $221 per customer record. My services cost far less than that,...
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Highly Recommended

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