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About Us

I'm a Simplicity Expert who helps clients organize their lives and get rid of the “stuff” (ahem…crap), that weighs them down.

Think of me as your Divorce Concierge/Moving Manager/Life & Money Organizer. No more excuses about having not enough time, space, or money to do what you love!

I teach you how to break out of jail, get unstuck, and go for it.


How We Got Started

I got a very big lesson at a very young age that made me realize stuff didn’t matter, and that people and time were everything:

In 1994, I left the country for the first time, to participate in a German exchange program through my high school. A few weeks after returning, two of my best friends/soccer teammates were killed in a car accident. To have a first hand look at the other side of the world and the other side of life in one summer changes a girl forever. At least it did me. I decided that if life could potentially be that short I better start truly living, so after graduating high school I got in my car and left my tiny hometown in Vermont with no plan other than to go, be, do, and see, everything possible.

Our Ideal Customer

*Anyone who's over "it"/sick of whatever they're doing or not doing/frustrated/feeling stuck

*Busy professionals or families moving/relocating

*Anyone going through a divorce

*Anyone feeling buried or stressed out in their space

*Anyone wasting money on things they don't use or need/people who don't think they have enough money to life the lifestyle they want

Our Team
Diane Peacock from Blue Lollipop Road
Diane Peacock
Simplicity Expert
Past Events & Promotions
Downsizing! Freedom in your next stage of life.