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Our ideal customers understand the value of results driven digital marketing services. We provide services for business and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

About Us

We are a small publishing and digital marketing firm with a long list of small, medium, and large company clients.

Our many years of work specializing in creative copy and publication services gives our agency the necessary edge to produce innovative and industry disruptive concepts and brands.

How We Got Started

Many traditional agencies strategically focus on a few niche areas, and digital marketing typically in not one of their strengths. Most small agencies that claim to be digital marketing shops only offer cookie cutter solutions that are single dimensional strategies. We fill the void.

Ms. Rencie Bennett is a skin and beauty professional and she wants to talk to you! Get new effective products for your clients. Visit www.jafra.com/rabennett for contact info. Be Bold and exclusive!

Agglomerate of Products and Services Pricing

Marketing Consulting Services: Core β€œElement” Full Services Packages 1. Branding 2. Customer Services 3. Full Content Related Services 4. Flex Strategy and Execution Services The yearly cost for any "ELEMENT" client related service is $10,000, and a deposit of $800 is required in...

The Agency Trade Desk by Exquisite

The Agency Trade Desk by Exquisite is a platform that provides services for the members of ABUNDANCE TRADE GROUP. The platform encourages businesses and organizations to save, earn more, and share knowledge by bartering and trading. Members engage each other in practical trading practices that...

Affordable Website Design

Fully functional site design with logo and brand integration. Basic site for small to medium sized businesses looking to generate more revenue and traffic for their services and products. $150 for Design and Delivery.

Publication Services (Editing, proof reading, ghostwriting)

With more than 10 years experience as a digital and print copy publishing agency we continue to bring our best ideas forward to give our clients memorable experiences. Our services are geared toward ensuring that our clients have published their best works through our digital print and print...

Exquisite Podcast Radio Network

EPRN is a network of independent podcast radio programs and shows on demand. Program topics range from business, sports, music preferences, people in society, and other popular subject matter. EPRN hosts more than 20 shows and the network reach is more than 250 cities world wide. Listeners can...
Businesses We Recommend
All Great Mom's Need Support! 😁
Accrual World is open to networking and forming partnerships with local organizations and business leaders. Go to them for your Accounting and Professional Tax advice.
The locations is easy to get to and they have very affordable prices. The location is always clean and a pleasant place to shop for groceries.
Great service and printing solutions all the way around!
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Garland McLaughlin answered Marketers, How Do You Communicate the Value of Services,...
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Value is communicated by going the extra mile to make sure a client is thoroughly satisfied with the solution that they need. By addressing client needs good consultants can build in value to their... (more)
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Branding & Image Factory Monthly Newsletter Email brandimagefactory@gmail.com or Call Leathia @ 704-659-3495 (more)
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There answer lies more in the strategy and methodology that you use to reach your target market. Your strategy has to be flexible and able to adapt to the channel that you are using. Direct, social... (more)
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You must first determine if you're using the correct elements of directing digital marketing sales. You must know that your website content is properly aligned by using consistent customer services... (more)
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It has been proven Yellow Pages is a waste of your advertising dollars. The Yellow Pages do not gaurantee that a business will receive new customers, website traffic, or phone calls from potential... (more)
Garland McLaughlin answered Recommendation For Web Designer?
6 months ago
With over 15 years of web development experience we're certainly well qualified. www.ec-communications.com ... We're great at delivering the essential content elements. We stand behind our... (more)

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