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Small business owners who are looking recover money on expenses that they have already paid and or any one who is looking for away to have a guaranteed paycheck or play check so they don't outlive their retirement savings also a business exit strategy when they want to retire but also need to know to protect their business asset if die and or get sick so the business has the funds to continue. Need loan for any reason ? Even if you have only been in business 4 or 5 months.

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My business is helping people save, grow and protect their money. In fact, I've been doing it for more than 20 years, and I've helped more than a thousand people right here in (NC, SC, and VA) Also I enjoy assisting small business owners reducing their taxes which will allow them to plan for a better retirement while allowing them to protect them selves in case they become ill and or sick.

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Educational Session on Retirement Survival - The Top Ten IRA/401(k) mistakes and how to maximize your social security benefits and how to reduce/eliminate taxes, New Government rule enables you to stop RMD payment ages 70 1/2 to 85 and How to eliminate stock market losses. Call Financial...

Small Business Owner recovery agent

I help small business owners recovery money in 5 key areas. Call today to see if we can recovery money for you and your small business along with a plan for retirement plan and or a exit strategy.

Distribution Planning Don't Outlive your income

Tax free income, IRA distribution income planning and Reducing taxes on Social Security and helping people save, grow and protect their money by taking Longevity risk off the table
Businesses We Recommend
Very knowledgeable and professional with a can do attitude
Thomas is very knowledgeable about how his products and services and how he can help you as a small business owner streamline some of those processes.
Jan is very knowledgeable and likes helping people to reach their goals and objectives when it comes to retirement income planning.
Bob is very knowledgeable and he can help his client prepare for planning in the future. Also, they find lost opportunities to make a difference in their client's life with the products and services they offer.
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William Smith answered What Are the Most Effective Channels I Can Use as a...
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
Well I used targeted e-mail and or direct mail so I get the message to the right type of clients. Also I use facebook and other social media outlet to get my message out to those clients that can... (more)
William Smith answered What Is the Best Way to Market for Business Services?
4 months ago • 1 Like
Hello I am using direct mail and social media to promote my business also I always ask for referral from my past happy clients. (more)
William Smith answered Financial Services Professionals, What Are the Most...
2 days ago
I have gone to the Court house where every small business owners has to register their name of the company. (more)
William Smith answered I'm Looking for Possible Ways to Fund a Bar?
8 days ago
Hello Jason I have many options for you to fund your bar with non tradition l and or traditional options so if you are interested you can call William Smith at 704-907-9258 or e mail me at... (more)
William Smith answered Is There Anywhere, Besides the Charlotte Observer, to...
19 days ago
Hello Rose I have found calling a local realtor that deals with commercial property and maybe call the management company in the area as well. (more)
William Smith answered Does Your Business Have a Retirement Plan in Place?
4 months ago
Also most small business owners are looking to protect the company profits but don't have exit strategy in place either. (more)
William Smith answered What Is the Best Way for a Financial Services Firm to...
2 days ago • 1 Reply
Well I have you a target direct mail piece and also I have bought a target e mail list for the type of clients that I am looking to get in front of and help. (more)

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