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My business is helping people save, grow and protect their money. In fact, I've been doing it for more than 20 years, and I've helped more than a thousand people right here in (NC,SC and VA) Also I enjoy assisting small business owners recover money so they can plan for a better retirement by doing audit in 5 key area.

Our Ideal Customer

Small business owners who are looking recover money on expenses that they have already paid and or any one who is looking for away to have a guaranteed paycheck or play check so they don't outlive their retirement savings also a business exit strategy when they want to retire but also need to know to protect their business asset if die and or get sick so the business has the funds to continue.

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William Smith
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Small Business Owner recovery agent

I help small business owners recovery money in 5 key areas. Call today to see if we can recovery money for you and your small business along with a plan for retirement plan and or a exit strategy.

Distribution Planning Don't Outlive your income

Tax free income, IRA distribution income planning and Reducing taxes on Social Security and helping people save, grow and protect their money by taking Longevity risk off the table
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Check out video to learn more on how you can finance your retirement and receive tax free income for life, while protecting other assets in case you have a stroke, heart attack and or cancer. Capital Asset Leverage video https://financialsecurity.video/6006/32
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To get your free copy of this book and along with a free 1 hour consultation with William Smith who is a IRA expert in NC,SC. Call Financial Strategies at 704-944-4397 and or e mail William Smith at WilliamSmithncsafemoney@gmail.com so you and your family can avoid these other IRA Mistake and...
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Did you know that IRA's are one of the few investments that the possible of being doubled taxed? Our Federal Government income taxes and estate taxes can be applied to all of your distributions. Also did you know that leaving your IRA to your Estate can cost your family many years of tax...

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