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Yoga Therapy

I mostly one to one private sessions, and then clients move to small group classes.

Gentle movement, breath techniques, meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic principles for healing, managing symptoms of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

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Sybil Nance
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Breathing, Moving, Meditating with Sukha Yoga Therapy

I own a Yoga Therapy Studio. I teach breathing, gentle Yoga movements, meditation, philosophy and Mantra. I allow folks to find that inner place of healing acceptance and whole-health.I share how Daily Yoga Practices can de-escalate overload and anxiety, how pain levels go down and how...
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Sukha Yoga Therapy is looking to take 4 new students = to qualify students must be in a current rehab mode from an injury or ailment and would need Yoga Therapy Guidance transitioning into a classical Yoga Program.