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Men or Women ages 40-60

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Yoga Therapy

I mostly offer one to one private sessions, and then clients move to small group classes.

Gentle movement, breath techniques, meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic principles for healing, managing symptoms of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

How We Got Started

Educating clients and students about all topics Yoga. I teach clients how to slow down pay attention. All lessons lie within and my works as an educator is to shine the light on how my clients can tap into how to make the next choice in self-care and wellness.

Breathing, Moving, Meditating with Sukha Yoga Therapy

I own a Yoga Therapy Studio. I teach breathing, gentle Yoga movements, meditation, philosophy and Mantra. I allow folks to find that inner place of healing acceptance and whole-health.I share how Daily Yoga Practices can de-escalate overload and anxiety, how pain levels go down and how...
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Sybil Nance from Sukha Yoga Therapy
Sybil Nance