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About Us

I am a Self-Employed Bookkeeper at The Lone Bookkeeper in Chicago.

I am also a Bookkeeper & Junior Financial Advisor at Ken Rapoport CPA, Ltd. At Ken Rapoport CPA Ltd., we can help those who have complicated financial & tax issues! We can get them done in an efficient, effective and ethical manner! We can make your weekends and holidays free from your financial worries. We can make your finances great again!

How We Got Started

Last year, I graduated from Oakton Community College with a Certificate in Professional Accounting-CPA Preparation. However, because I wanted to gain some accounting experience as well as making some money aside and being independent, I decided to become a bookkeeper.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customers comprise of doctors, lawyers, professors, educators, small business owners, technicians, engineers and investors.

Our Team
Alexander Zazi from The Lone Bookkeeper
Alexander Zazi
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If you are a small or medium sized-business who needs a helping hand with their invoices, receipts or other financial transactions as well as obtaining free reports on your current financial situations, so you can always have a peace of mind, please contact me directly at 1-773-391-4331 or email...
Businesses We Recommend
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This is a very efficient cleaning organization. The founder is willing to keep your place clean and maintained at all times. She wants the best for everyone.
Very nice and approachable individual. Always there to help those when they need it.
You are an excellent connector, net worker and hard worker. I look forward doing business with you as a bookkeeper.
This place has lots of jewelry available. They are magnificent in every shape and form.
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This is a very approachable company. They are devoted and committed to doing research and discoveries that will benefit mankind for the future.
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Excellent Fitness Club. Willing to help those who need to get in shape and stay healthy.
This is a very good and experience firm. The people are down to earth and willing to help taxpayers at all times.
This is an excellent tax and accounting service. Very professional and cordial. Always willing to connect with other people.
This entity is willing to network with others. The owner is very personable and approachable.
This entity is very friendly, approachable and willing to connect with others. I am happy to be acquainted with this company.
Past Events & Promotions
As a special tribute to the unofficial end of summer, I am charging $9.00 for my bookkeeping services. I will help you catch up with filing your income taxes by October 15. In addition, I am awarding a roll of copper pennies between 1965 and 1974 as a thank you gift for being my client. Do...

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