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I am a Self-Employed Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer at Zazi's Bookkeeping and Tax Services in Chicago. I can help clients have their finances organized by creating bank reconciliations, general ledgers and other financial statements. If you need help with your taxes, I can do them for you in an efficient and effective manner. I will also simplify and complicated taxes you may have, and I will make sure you pay much less to the government than anticipated.

I currently work with Ken Rapoport CPA. At Ken Rapoport CPA Ltd., we can help those who have complicated financial & tax issues! We can get them done in an efficient, effective and ethical manner! We can make your weekends and holidays free from your financial worries. We can make your finances great again!

How We Got Started

Last year, I graduated from Oakton Community College with a Certificate in Professional Accounting-CPA Preparation. However, because I wanted to gain some accounting experience as well as making some money aside and being independent, I decided to become a bookkeeper.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customers comprise of doctors, lawyers, professors, educators, small business owners, technicians, engineers and investors.

Our Team
Alexander Zazi from Zazi's Bookkeeping and Tax Services
Alexander Zazi
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Need to file Income Taxes by October 15? Zazi's Bookkeeping and Tax Services will make sure you get your tax returns done in no time for a low fee!
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If you are a small or medium sized-business who needs a helping hand with their invoices, receipts or other financial transactions as well as obtaining free reports on your current financial situations, so you can always have a peace of mind, please contact me directly at 1-773-391-4331 or email...
Businesses We Recommend
Gary LaRoy is open and willing to connect with others. This shows his personable side. He will help simplify your taxes.
This is a very approachable, friendly, down to earth accounting firm. I had the pleasure of connecting with them as a Bookkeeper and tax preparer. I encourage other businesses and accountants to reach out to this particular firm as well.
This individual's mission to spread poetry everywhere will warm your hearts forever. His message to the world is that if we human beings can communicate in a civilized, eloquent tone, such a phenomenon will transform our societies for the greater good.
They are very helpful, professional and cordial when it comes to educating other individuals pertaining to income taxes and other financial needs.
This business will send you computer products from coast to coast within the United States of America. Its employees will provide everything you need to improve your technological needs.
This is a very friendly and approachable organization. It is willing to connect with others in a professional manner.
Rebecca Neilson is a friendly, approachable and honest accountant. She provides excellent advice to those who want to do their own endeavors. I would highly recommend anyone with financial and tax issues to hire her. She is very professional and loves what she does.
This is the best coaching program ever. Me. Steve Peck taught me a lot on how to better target my clients by giving them what they want. You need help marketing? He is the guy.
This is a great institution for those who want to learn about income tax prep. It is focused and dedicate don helping those who need help with their income tax issues.
This individual is willing to network with others. He is open-minded, approachable and someone whom you could spend quality time with.
They are a friendly, innovate firm. They are willing to reach out to those who need help with their finances and tax issues.
Diana Laskaris is extremely friendly and approachable. She is knowledgable in her field and will give excellent business advice and recommendations. I would hire her in a heartbeat.
I had the privilege on being connected with John P Jones, Inc. This organization is willing to reach out to local individuals and businesses alike. I would be happy to work with this entity in the future.
Very friendly and accommodating company. Willing to provide quality web design, graphic design and audio to its clientele.
Past Events & Promotions
As a special tribute to the unofficial end of summer, I am charging $9.00 for my bookkeeping services. I will help you catch up with filing your income taxes by October 15. In addition, I am awarding a roll of copper pennies between 1965 and 1974 as a thank you gift for being my client. Do...
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Alexander Zazi answered What Is the Best Accounting All in One Solution?
17 days ago • 1 Like
Quickbooks, my good friend. It is versatile, convenient and easy to use, one you get the hang of it. Xero is great as well. However, I highly recommend Quickbooks, since its Online version for... (more)
Alexander Zazi answered Accountants and Finance Experts, Do You Have and...
3 months ago • 1 Like
Additionally, pay the payroll taxes promptly and determine if you are conducting business from your home. You may be eligible for rental tax deduction... (more)
Alexander Zazi answered Who Can Help Me Setup My Business Credit Near Chicago?
6 days ago
These websites should help you. http://www.cmecuonline.org/business/setup.php https://products.dandb.com/creditsignal-new/?mediu... http://midwestcorporatecredit.com/ (more)
Alexander Zazi answered Accountants and Bookkeepers, What Time Keeping System Do...
about 2 months ago
TSheets help you keep record of your employees' work hours as well as their payroll records. Quickbooks let you create invoices, along with keeping track of your business transactions. I highly... (more)

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