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Robert John Zagar offers testing for hyperactivity, learning disability, classroom adjustments, neuro-psychological assessment, vocational planning, and other challenges, therapy for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other issues , expert witness services in adoption, competence, criminal charges pretrial and pre-release, custody personal injury, workers compensation, and others. Robert is an officer of the Circuit Court of Cook County Juvenile Division, the “first” juvenile court in the world. He is a registered clinical psychologist, certified school psychologist, neuropsychologist and industrial psychologist. Robert received his doctorate from Northwestern University, a masters from University of Illinois Medical Center School of Public Health, a masters from Illinois Institute of Technology, and a bachelors from University of Wisconsin. He completed 2 years premedical sciences at De Paul University and 2 years basic medical sciences at Barry University. Robert is a professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Calumet College of St. Joseph. His testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime Terrorism Homeland Security resulted in 4 US Presidential executive orders by Obama releasing 6,200 nonviolent federal prisoners, 2 U.S. Supreme Court decisions (Miller v Alabama, Graham v Florida) requiring 2,500 juveniles sentenced to life in prison without parole to be re-sentenced, an Act of Congress on predictive analytics for service personnel and veterans. His work in Chicago saved 324 lives and $2,003,000,000 targeting high risk teens with summer jobs, mentors, anger management and releasing 56% of nonviolent offenders without return to court (allowing Cook County President Preckwinkle to roll back the 3 cent sales tax for 4 years . His book, Predicting and Preventing Homicide a Cost Effective Empirical Approach from Infancy to Adulthood, resulted in the founding of the Crime Laboratory at the University of Chicago. President Clinton thought his books was “persuasive and convincing” while Chicago Mayor Daley thanked him for his research and wished him future success. More information is at wikipedia Robert Zagar or Standard Predictor, www.askdrzagar.com or www.standardpredictor.com.

Internet based testing

Interviews or judgment have a hit rate of 46% while unstructured physical-psychiatric exams, 49% and background credit checks, 25%. Internet based tests are 97% sensitive specific to challenges, issues, or risks, while being nondiscriminatory, objective, reliable and valid.
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I started the high risk teen job diversion program that has saved 324 lives and $2B for the city and county while also persuading the powers that be that diverting nonviolent offenders from jail... (more)
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