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About Us

We provide quality and innovative solutions for businesses to increase sales and give them a competitive advantage in todays marketplace.







How We Got Started

Due to the poor economy back in 2007, I decided to go into business for myself and help businesses thrive with services they can really use.

Our Ideal Customer

All businesses such as:

Convenience Stores



Liquor Stores

Barber shops

Nail salons/Hair Salons

Cigar stores/Smoke shops

Independent Uber/Cab drivers

Dry cleaners

Parking Garages

Online Web Retail Sales

Storage Centers

Medical Centers & Practices

Dentist Offices

New & Used Auto Sales

Airport Parking

Parking Garages

RV Rental Stores

Boat Storage & Harbors

Churches and other religious organization

Auto and truck repair shops

Legal professionals

Our Team
Stan Sulkowski from Merchant Services-Sideway Enterprise
Stan Sulkowski
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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If you accept credit cards, our new technology eliminates your entire credit card processing fee with unlimited transactions & dollar volume. Contact me to learn how.
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If you accept credit cards, our new technology eliminates your entire credit card processing fee with unlimited transactions & dollar volume. Contact me to learn how.
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If you accept credit cards, our new technology eliminates your entire credit card processing fee with unlimited transactions & dollar volume. Contact me to learn how or go here: http://PDinfo.sidewayenterprise.com
Products & Services

EasyPay Finance

Merchant financing for customers just got easy.. Instant online financing for your customers with good, bad and even no credit. Low merchant fee. Retail/merchant customers can qualify up to $4,0000 with a maximum term of 24 months.

Save on your monthly energy bills

Find out if you overcharged on your energy bills? Contact us to get a free evaluation to see if we can save you money.

No Credit Card Fees....Limitless Processing

Eliminate your entire credit card processing bill and get unlimited transactions and dollar volume. -No Minimum Purchase! -No Transaction Fees! -No Processing Fees! All this for one low monthly flat fee of $99.95 Ideal for Retailers like: Brick & Mortar Locations, Mobile Businesses, Internet...

Have you switched yet?

Time to eliminated your costly "OLD STYLE" credit card processing services for the new WAViT Flat Fee Unlimited transactions program. If not, learn how you can pay just $99.95 a month for UNLIMITED credit card processing by emailing me to learn more. There are no other hidden fees - just...

Customers are out there....

Now you want them to see your message. There are not a lot of new things in the world except for this. Broadcast a Bluetooth message 100 yard in every direction. Imagine the possibilities! ANY business can use this effectively, anywhere in the world.. http://www.royaltie.com/?af=ssulkowski...

You won't believe this....

This tiny decice brings Unlimitted Exposure to your Businesses by marketing directly to Android Cellphones within 100 yards. Every business wants more exposure, more leads and more sales for their Business....whether a Product or Service. Read more about this amazing breakthrough in...

How to increase your auto repair shop business.

Add an additional $5,000 to $15,000 per month in new business without buying anything or spending a ton on advertising. Get EasyPay Finance! Start offering your customers who are unable to pay today a chance to finance the repairs and pay nothing down today getting them back on the road and...
Businesses We Recommend
Richard is exceptionally knowledgeable in the industry and will provide you the proper coverage to meet your specific needs.
Good folks to work with.
Roger is extremely professional and offers unique well needed services.
Book your next trip with Tiffany's...
Marketing services you can count on,
I highly recommend Best Cabinets as an exceptional source for you building needs. Dan offers quality products and services.
A great family run business that offers exceptional service and products.....Mario is an expert and will get your​ ears feeling happy again.
They have a solution for your marketing needs.
Exceptional service!
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All businesses need to promote...AtlantaBizPals will do the job right for you.
Deirdre provides a much needed service.
You can't go wrong with Gigi.
Courtesy will take good care of your vehicle.
Kevin is the one to call! I Love State Farm.... you can't go wrong.
Fantastic line of products and services....one of the best in the industry!
The Carter Group offers an extensive selection of quality marketing products that will help grow your business.
Nice mix of business services.
Great to work with!
Great service to use...
Exceptional quality products and service!
I highly recommend. Dave offers a vast amount of industry knowledge and exceptional service.
SalesCathcers offers quality services.
Offering quality services.
Quality business services offerings you can't beat!
Great marketing company and affordable.
Offering great tools for your business.
We all need art in our lives...Pierre offers exceptional quality.
You can't go wrong here.
John is extremely knowledgeable in the industry and will provide you exceptional, professional service.
Looking for an ethical agent...you can't find anyone better.
Nick is industrious and professional is all he dose. I've know him for years and highly recommended reviewing his profile.
Past Events & Promotions
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Say goodbye to those monthly fees…here’s how. Finally…news business owners have been waiting for! The cash discount program was designed so that business owners can AVOID high credit card fees by paying a fixed monthly cost for unlimited credit card processing. Until recently, most merchants...
A perfect fit for in-store and online sales such as custom rim, tires, etc. shops. This is for consumer goods, and is a sub-prime lease purchase program that will finance your customers up to $6,000!.