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1Day 2Market - How we Help

Strategic Global Group
1Day 2Market clinic is an extensive one-day session. It is highly interactive and it’s an easy strategic starting point. It is designed to simplify your understanding of strategy.

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Mark DeChiro from L & S Energy Services
Mark DeChiro from L & S Energy Services answered:
Try the NYS AG's office. Also,, what is the magnitude of the problem? Did you try small claims court? You really did not define the problem. So, I can only give you general answers. (more)

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Medical Thermography Associates, Clifton Park NY
Howard Vics from Medical Thermography Associates wrote:
Our clients come to us for early detection and disease prevention with safe, no radiation, no contact thermal imaging. Others want to follow the effectiveness of a course of treatment without further radiation. (more)

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Riverview Analytics, LLC, Clifton Park NY
Monty Wright from Riverview Analytics, LLC
Clifton Park NY • Consultants
Intellectual Property Intelligence, Strategy, and Valuation. The art and science of bringing together the 3 legs of the IP stool; the business, the technology and the law. We help our clients create, manage, and maximize the value of their patents, trade secrets, and know-how.
Joined on Sep 18, 2017

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