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About Us

Full service digital ad agency. We provide website development, internet advertising video production, tradeshow displays, and sales consulting. We help small to medium size businesses attract and convert more customers.

How We Got Started

I wanted to focus on the small business with limited financial resources, but still needed professional help with their tradeshow and internet advertising efforts.

Our Ideal Customer

Professional services, contractors, and B2C type business who need to rely on the internet or tradeshow exhibiting to cultivate new leads.

Our Team
Ed Bejarana from Zenith Exhibits
Ed Bejarana
Products & Services

Build New Website

building a brand new website or upgrading an old website? We provide flat fee based website development that gives you maximum control over your internet advertising effort and business branding.

Facebook Ad Campaign Development & Management

We'll create a Facebook ad campaign that micro-targets your perfect customer, drive them to your website (or specific landing page) and track performance and help make changes to convert more visitors to leads.
Businesses We Recommend
Steve has a tight crew and they really get things cracking in Fairview. Plus Steve has been serving his community for many years.
Johnny Bravo Services helped us get ready for a move and let me say...WOW!!! These guys are amazing. His guys showed up on time and with great attitudes. I pointed at what I wanted gone and they hauled it out. At the end of the process (which was rather lengthy) the price wasn't very high. Great service, fast, and affordable--John and his team have truly found the way to be good, fast and inexpensive. Thank you John, we couldn't have made the move without you and your team.
Rosemary is the real deal! We first met in a local business group, but we quickly became friends. She is local first focused, extremely knowledgeable, and committed to helping people and her community live life to the fullest.
Lori is an amazing attorney. My wife and i met with her to go over our estate planning and she really helped us make some very difficult decisions. Plus Lori is a committed community member who volunteers her time to help with local efforts. Lori should be your first call for any and all estate planning.
Cherokee Designs, Rhododendron OR
Cherokee Designs
Rhododendron OR • 295.2 mi away
Debi is my go to gal for graphic design. She worked her magic on my cartoon character--not sure I ever looked as good!
Lynne helped my wife and I with our account for years. Without her I could not have started my business.
Top Forum Activity
Ed Bejarana answered How Do You Sell Your Services Without Sending Too Pushy?
4 months ago • 1 Like
Ignite the passion for what you do--not in a fake over the top way, but as your own best customer. Prospects are attracted to confidence and your belief in yourself, product/service, and the... (more)

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