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Anyone who wants to develop themselves in terms of personal skills (style), learning how to become an excellent communicator, employ psychological skills in all areas of their life, or who are starting or have an existing private practice that want to grow, develop, or reach a level of excellence in their profession.

Anyone who is looking for a Coach and Mentor for creating optimal health (physically, emotionally, and mentally) through integrative therapies, greatly improve their current personal skills for enhanced performance, or learn how to work with the mind and body by employing psychological skills in their routine practices and general communication, or who wants to develop excellent training programs for developing themselves and their staff.

Anyone who is seeking spiritual growth and development, spiritual counseling, death counseling, or how to employ spiritual knowledge in their everyday practices.

About Us

Professional Consulting and Mentoring for Personal/Professional Development, Integrative Mind-Body Medicine, Mind Development, and Spiritual Growth

Private Practice Consulting for Integrative Medicine

How We Got Started

Love teaching and training and helping people to heal, develop themselves to their highest potential, and learn skills that will greatly improve their life!

Personal Transformation

Private Consulting and Training for developing personal skills in whatever way you desire. I teach psychological, Communication, and Relationship skills, and specialize in all areas of Personal Transformation

Professional Development

Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring for all areas of professional development in psychological, communication, leadership, creativity and innovation, conflict resolution and mediation, and relationship building skills, as well as developing your personal style.

Practice Consulting for Integrative /Allopathic/Veterinary Medicine

Business Consulting and Mentoring for Healthcare / Veterinarian Practices Management Training and Mentoring Entrepreneurial Skill Training and Mentoring Business planning and ongoing Implementation Marketing and Media Planning and Design

Spiritual Training, Counseling and Mentoring

Consultation, Private Training and Counseling for all areas of spiritual development
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Dr. Linda Gadbois from Creative Transformations - Dr. Linda Gadbois
Dr. Linda Gadbois
Doctor, Consultant, and Mentor