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About Us

We are a veteran owned custom woodworking and pottery shop. We have pottery supplies, classes, parties and studio space available. Our gallery has items for sale that are made in our shop. If you have an idea, bring it to our shop, we may be able to help you bring it to life. If you can find it in a big box store, we don't make it.

Our Ideal Customer

As a custom shop, we specialize in items you will find nowhere else. Therefore our ideal customer is one who has some imagination and adventure in their spirit. We can make gifts for any occasion and in many styles. We specialize in speaking military.

Our Team
Joseph Dreiling from EaglesNest Wood and Pottery, Ltd.
Joseph Dreiling
Stephanie Dreiling from EaglesNest Wood and Pottery, Ltd.
Stephanie Dreiling
Owner and Pottery Expert
Products & Services

Custom woodworking

This small locking chest is one of our custom items that became a regular item in our gallery. We call it the stash box. The one pictured is made from aromatic cedar but we make them in all kinds of domestic and exotic woods. It is one example of the many boxes, chests and cases that we create.

Custom Pet Urns

We are now the exclusive supplier to Peaceful Partings for custom handmade Pet Urns. These urns come with a rainbow bridge motif engraved in the top and the pets name on the side.

Bisque Glazing Party

We now have a line of unglazed bisque ware that you can glaze in our shop and have it fired here. Bring in whatever refreshments you desire and have a date to remember or a small very unique party. Schedule your party today.
Businesses We Recommend
A great guy with fantasic local honey
Some of the best BBQ on the front range. If you aren't in line early you won't get any it is that good.
We have had a working relationship with Carol for several years. She is a very creative artist in stained glass and can think outside the box in order to coordinate several mediums. They also can do panel repairs.
He is another small business out to do a great job and support his community.
This establishment has a great selection of liquors that we can help turn into something very special for a holiday or any other special event that can be celebrated with a toast.
These folks put on an excellent show and you don't have to drive up town and deal with the traffic to get to the venue. They have a new show nearly every month. Check them out.
Thank you for the recommendation we will do the same for you.
They do good work
These are great people with a small business who are supporting their community.
A great local print shop who can provide personal and custom help to individuals and business. They also do much more that printing. The owner also has a small gift shop featuring items created locally.
She is a great person to work with and very envolved in the community.
They are helping the veterans of our community
Past Events & Promotions
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We will have featured many studio items that are themed to July. First amoung them is the 4th of July and we wrap up with Naitional Ice Cream Day.
Free Food and Drink plus live music. Sales in the gallery 20% off during the open house. Come meet the artist and enjoy a bite to eat with us. This sale excludes pottery supplies.
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We have special items on sale for Mother’s Day. Many of these are in the kid friendly in price range. Our Laser engraver can also personalize an item to make something ordinary into something truly unique.
Top Forum Activity
Joseph Dreiling answered How Do You Compete With The Internet?
6 months ago • 5 Likes
We are a mom and pop shop and we don't compete with the internet. We view it as a tool to be used. We market, communicate and research with it. Competeing with the internet would be like me... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What Are the Pros and Cons of Becoming an LLC Through an...
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I think it is different for each state. Here in Colorado I was able to fill out all of the paperwork myself. It was very simple and there was no need for an attorney. (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered Does Anyone Really Understand The Power Of The Arts In...
5 months ago • 2 Likes • 1 Reply
As a custom woodworking and pottery shop the type of art on the front of our store is part of the draw. We decided on a theme that was really 19th century American in flavor. Over time we have... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered How Do We Get More Reviews From Our Clients?
3 days ago • 1 Like
Ask them if they would mind doing a review that is the simplest path. If you use Facebook it is pretty easy for them to put reviews there. If you use square, and I am guessing other platforms do... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What Is the Best Way for a Business to Share a Valuable...
28 days ago • 1 Like
Locally right here in this community. However it seems that most folks want to talk about networking but very few actually want to follow through. Most of those I have managed to connect with are... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What's the Most Cost Efficient Way to Market to Customers...
about 10 hours ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
Maury has an excellent run down on what you should do. If you are not on Facebook I would put your business there and start asking people to like your shop. Once you have some likes and you have... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered Business Owners, What Do You Look for When Picking...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
In our case, it was a company that would actually insure us. None of them understands our business and so far in 6 years we have not talked to an insurance agent that is flexable enough to ensure... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered How Much of Your Ad Budget Do You Allot to These Items?
3 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
How much you allot to where really depends on what type business that you have and your own outlook. I hate email ads and delete them as fast as they hit my inbox and never read them. Direct mail... (more)
Joseph Dreiling reviewed Facebook Ratings and Reviews
about 10 hours ago
For us Facebook is a great way to get the word out on new things happening in the shop. You can pay more for additional exposer but I would not do that until you understand the demographics of... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What Drives You to Make Your Business the Best?
17 days ago
The look I see on the customers face when I take nice peice of wood and turn it into the idea they had when they came in to the shop. (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What Is the Best Way to Create a SKU for a Hand Made...
25 days ago
All we do is handmade. I think in your case there are two things you can do. First ask Amazon to define for you what they consider a valid SKU. Second check what other candlemakers use for SKUs.... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered When Giving Gifts to Clients, What Do You Look for in the...
about 1 month ago
This might not be the type answer that you are looking for but here goes. We make custom gifts for people. Using our talents and resources we create custom gifts for our best customers every year... (more)
Joseph Dreiling reviewed PayPal Ratings and Reviews
about 2 months ago
We have been using Paypal for our business use for nealy 10 years and it has work flawlessly everytime we needed it. Compared to other payment systems their fees are about average. It does take a... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered Do You Agree With This Customer Philosophy?
about 2 months ago
Yes! We have found that loyal repeat customers tend to spend more each time they come to the store and they spread the word about our business more effectively than any advertiser we could hire. (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What Is the Best Way to Make Connections With Galleries...
about 2 months ago
The only way that I know is to go see them in person with samples of your work. If samples are to large a portfolio of good pictures can be used. We have a gallery that is part of our shop but... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered Why Do Managers Do Some Of The Following:
2 months ago
That is an answer the depends on the personality of the manager. I did not mind being freinds with my folks off the clock, but on the clock it was all business. Not sure of your reference to... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What Are Some of the Ways Your Business Handles Defaulted...
3 months ago
If they buy off the shelf payment occurs at the sale. If it is specail order then we take half down. With skin in the game most come back. (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered Have Business Owners Tried Running Their Own Google...
4 months ago
Yes I ran Adwords for our business for a couple of years. It worked pretty good at first. Then changes started happening faster than I had time to study the system until it got to the point where... (more)
Joseph Dreiling answered What's Your Best And Most Affordable Marketing Tool For A...
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For me there have been two very useful tools. I actually go meet the people I have made appointments with on Alignable and my Facebook page. The folks who have actually come to my shop to meet me... (more)
Joseph Dreiling asked YouTube Advice?
4 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
We need some advice from folks who are using Youtube. We have done some basic videos for Facebook and are considering moving up. What is the best entry level equipment we can begin with? We have... (more)

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