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About Us

At the Intersection of Health, Beauty, Art and Engagement…

Donya’s Florals proudly specializes in human engagement and uses the sustainable power of plants and the irresistible nature of flowers to help our customers celebrate milestones, nurture relationships, and transform corporate (and personal) spaces into destinations of care, inspiration and elegance.

Come experience the true difference at Donya's!

How We Got Started

My mother is my inspiration. After spending 6-months in the hospital and surviving her 3rd open heart surgery, I struggled to find the grandest floral arrangement ever to gift to the cardiovascular team who saved my mother's life, yet again. In that epiphanic moment, Donya's Florals was born. Couple that with my intense love for nature.

Our Ideal Customer


And the most important people in your life: your wife, your husband, your mom, your dad, your friends, your employees and your clients. Give us a shot and we'll gift you right back!

Spotlight review: "Gorgeous...thank you so much...beautiful...classy work. You are the real deal! Your passion and skill are what sets you apart. Donya thank you for using your gifts to make the world a better place." (Kristin, Phoenix, AZ) Mar. 3, 2017

Our Team
Donya Lewis from Donya's Florals
Donya Lewis
Products & Services

Signature Roses by Donya's

Every special occasion deserves lush and long-stemmed roses, handcrafted meticulously and adorned with our signature embellishments for that very important person. Beauty Inspired by Nature, Floralgrams Inspired by You!
Businesses We Recommend
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Past Events & Promotions
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Our Friends and Family Appreciation Days!
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*Valentine's Day Online Exclusive Event | STARTS TODAY | FEB. 1-10* https://donyasflorals.com/
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Vote in our Employee Day/Women's Day Poll and be automatically entered in our Easter Holiday Raffle to receive a $100 Easter Centerpiece by DonyasFlorals.com. Two lucky winners will be announced March 20. Share, Shop, Vote at: https://www.donyasflorals.com/ Tell us Your Thoughts: A. We...
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