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About Us

My MAIN mission and passion is to get this product into everyone's body so they can feel better than they have ever before and live the life that they deserve. Changing lives is the MOST rewarding thing I've ever been blessed enough to do. The product speaks for itself. I also help people that want to earn some extra money, have time freedom and work from the comfort of your own home by helping others in the same way.

100% cloud based, FREE business run from my smart phone or computer, Free to join, Free lifetime website, Free membership, Free product for Referring 2 people that join and order.

Unique in every aspect from the product to the cloud to the people who join, there is nothing like it and you have to experience it to understand. I could explain it all day and still you would have to put this product in your body to know the difference.

Always looking for that hungry person who has the drive, motivation and passion about helping people to live the life that they deserve to stop surviving and start Thriving.

How We Got Started

To give people their lives back by putting premium grade nutrition into their bodies.

Our Ideal Customer

18 and over. Anyone wanting a more healthier, happier and fulfling life they deserve instead of just surviving they are Thriving.

Our Team
Patrica Heaggans from Patricia Heaggans
Patrica Heaggans
Le-vel Independent Brand Promomter
Products & Services


A 3 simple system to healthier, happier lifestyle that will give you sustain energy, cognitive performance, better restful nights sleep, helps with joint aches and discomfort, gives you the you back you have been missing. Free signup at http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com

Free sign up account

Happy Monday everyone. How much would you pay for good health? I am here to help anyone who wants a better living by putting 3 simple steps into their body that will give them endless energy all day long,help out with mood,emotions and mental clarity,give your workout another level of...

Why not Thrive?

How many of you not thriving feel like this right now? I am here to help you to change that. I am looking to getting these free accounts so that you too can stop feeling like this and feel more like the second image. Why not give Thrive a try? Absolutely nothing to lose and so much of life to...

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!

Today is my 6th day Thriving and wow I feel amazing inside and out. Got up at 6:30 after a wonderful nights rest took my 1 vitamin capsule, 20-30 mins later had my shake mix, then took hubby to work, came home walked dog, clean house, got the yard work setup, got emails out, and here it is in the...

New activate Pina Colada mix

Wanna feel like your on a tropical beach do sipping on Pina Coladas all day? Message me so I can share how you can get this.

Holiday blues

As the winter is coming in and the holidays too to share with family and friends so does drained energy, not being able to focus, get the proper sleep, weight management, aches, pains and discomforts that our joints remind us of, and all the hustle and bustling that has to be done. Now is the...

Holiday Help!!!!!!!

I am looking to getting as many free customer accounts as I possibly can for this week and I need everyone's help who is a non thriver. No obligations, no membership fees, no asking for credit card information, no spam messages. Just go to my link http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com and sign yourself up...

Le-vel free customer accounts challenge

I am challenging all of you to go to my weblink: http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com sign yourself up for free under customer. It takes 2-3 mins to do and I promise you this no asking for credit card information, no membership fees ever, no spam emails. Let's help each other. If anyone wants to leave...

Want to be more alert, more creative, more focus, more energy

Check out our latest product called Expand. Plus, it's time for everyone to get your free account signup: http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com http://Pheaggans.Thrive-Reviews.com http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com/experience
Businesses We Recommend
They have good selections. They donate to other rescue pets with supplies like dog food, bedding and other things.
They seem like good people.
Past Events & Promotions
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Which Dft would you choose? www.facebook.com/levelbrands (like the fanpage) and read some of the stories. Then go to my web page: *free to join, free membership* (for both customers or promoters) http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com *go to this website: http://Pheaggans.Thrive-Reviews.com Read...
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Introducing the new activate drink mix that will give you sustain energy through the day, mental clarity and help with so much more. Want to know how to get it? Go to my website http://Pheaggans.le-vel.com get your free account under customer and you can browse the items till you see the activate...
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As most of you may or may not know this, October is breast cancer awareness month and Le-vel is doing the breast cancer dft stickers again this year to raise money for this awareness. I am asking everyone of you ladies who haven't gotten a free customer account with me, to please do so...