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Nicolettecinemagraphics is looking to provide video and web support to client of Columbus and Central Ohio who wish to work on both small and large projects for commercial purposes. In the past we have worked with art galleries, non profits, authors, manufacturers, and short and feature filmmakers to provide videos for youtube, as promotional takeaways, for in house exhibition, and public television, and distribution on DVD and Bluray. We have also provided an array of digital services from digital restoration to wordpress website creation to larger Central Ohio and Columbus area.

About Us

Nicolettecinemagraphics is a small digital services company owned and operated by Nicolette Swift. Nicolettecinemagraphics offers videography, DVD production, digital restoration, and audio/video transfers.

Our portfolio hosts works ranging from event coverage of weddings and bat mitzvahs to video press releases, demonstrational/ethnographic videos, and event videography to customized DVD productions and menus to animation and digitally restored historic documents and photographs.

Nicolettecinemagraphics has a wide range of options, offering digital services tailored to each individual client. We always work hard to get to know you and your project, so that we make your vision come to life.


Nicolettecinemagraphics focuses on medium to small production projects. Our mobile videography services come to you to help produce videos for youtube, in house presentation, and distribution on DVD and/or Bluray.

Wordpress Content Design, Management, and SEO

Nicolettecinemagraphics can help set up your new website with wordpress and add cross device responsiveness, tools to keep your customers up to date, and provide strategies for optimizing search engine results.

Video Editing

If you have already shot your video for youtube, your companies training materials, or your latest film project - Nicolettecinemagraphics can help you edit your project and make it ready to release to the world.

Sound Editing

Do you need help cleaning up the voice over for your video? Do you have an old audio recording you would like to digitize? Do you need a sound editor for your latest film. When it comes to post production sound, no matter the project, Nicolettecinemagraphics can help

Post Production Color Correction

To make your production shine, it is not enough to simply edit the video. Nicolettecinemagraphics can provide you color correction services for your project to help create a more dynamic image, control mood and atmosphere and to make your production have that polished look.

DVD, Bluray, Youtube, and Vimeo Distribution and Site Specific Exhibition

Now that your done with your production you want to show it to the world. Nicolettecinemagraphics has over a decade of experience mastering productions on DVD and Bluray for Theatrical Exhibition, Sales, Promotion, and Festival Submission. We also provide support for distribution on streaming...
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Nicolette Swift
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