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About Us

Nicolettecinemagraphics is a small digital services company owned and operated by Nicolette Swift. Nicolettecinemagraphics offers videography, DVD production, digital restoration, and audio/video transfers.

Our portfolio hosts works ranging from event coverage of weddings and bat mitzvahs to video press releases, demonstrational/ethnographic videos, and event videography to customized DVD productions and menus to animation and digitally restored historic documents and photographs.

Nicolettecinemagraphics has a wide range of options, offering digital services tailored to each individual client. We always work hard to get to know you and your project, so that we make your vision come to life.

Our Team
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Nicolette Swift
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Matthew Swift
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We like your Youtube and we like it to have content that can show you to the world. A video of an event or demonstration shows the world who you are.
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