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Anyone who is looking for stunning, meaningful, hand tailored bead artistry for themselves or a friend or loved one. I would love to make your jewelry dreams come true!

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SACRED BRACELETS™ Intuitive Designs... Looking for exquisite artistry and rare vision all wrapped up in one...commission a Sacred Bracelet!

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I have always loved beautiful unique meaningful jewelry. I had so many inspirations and people saw my designs and started ordering. I was born to do this!

Sacred Bracelets Intuitive Designs

These unique wearable art pieces are the co-creation of my intuition and your inspiration! If you are looking for unique artistry and rare vision all rolled into one commission a Sacred Bracelet! General Information Sacred Bracelet's enchanting coils are created by wrapping semi-precious...
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I am 100% myself. I am personable, warm, and accessible. I am honest and open. I am very good at what I do as well, which always helps. (more)

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Jenny Sieck from Sacred Bracelets
Jenny Sieck
Jenny Sieck from Sacred Bracelets
Jenny Sieck
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