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About Us

What makes ConnectPay™ different than other payroll companies?

Businesses have changed the way they approach who they do business with. Years of prior business history no longer means as much. Expectations of what businesses must deliver…competitive pricing, responsive customer service, and convenience…are the primary basis for determining value.

Gone are the days of paying more and receiving less service. The market is competitive. So we compete. Clients expect incentivized pricing, dedicated customer service and ease of use so that’s exactly what we deliver. We value our customers and they value us because we exceed their expectations.

The ConnectPay™ service team is trained to streamline payroll processing so that service reps are able to focus more on the client and less on the paperwork. We know first hand that time is money. The result is an enhanced level of service while having important information at their fingertips at all times.

So we coined and trademarked the term ServOlogy™. ServOlogy™ is the combination of an exceptional client service experience infused with applications using the most advanced cloud technology available for

immediate and secure access to client data anytime, from anywhere.

The difference is working. Not only are we among the fastest growing companies in Massachusetts, our client retention rate remains the highest in the industry.

ServOlogy™ is now an everyday term at ConnectPay™. It is the heart of what we do; providing customers with an exceptional service experience, with the most innovative technology available.

Connect with ConnectPay to experience ServOlogy™ yourself.

Our Ideal Customer

Small businesses with 1-50 employees and mid-size businesses from 50-150 employees.

Our Team
Karen Vigurs-Stack from ConnectPay Payroll Services
Karen Vigurs-Stack
Products & Services

Payroll Tax Services

Paying your taxes and meeting the reporting requirements of federal, state and local taxing jurisdictions can be a real headache. ConnectPay™ eases the pain with our fully integrated tax service that handles all of your payroll tax calculations, payments and reporting obligations seamlessly....

Web Payroll and Reporting

Our Internet-based payroll application eliminates tedious and time-consuming paperwork, phone calls and faxes traditionally required for payroll and HR management. Enjoy maximized user control and state-of-the-art security, all with no extra software required — just Log In! You can access your...

Time Tracking

ConnectPay™ offers a variety of time and attendance tools, including a standard time clock that employees can manually log in and out on using an employee code or with an employee card similar to a credit card. ConnectPay™ also offers a finger print reader for biometric punching, a voice clock so...

Workers Compensation -- Zero Down Solution

ConnectPay™ has teamed with industry leaders to bring you a “Zero Down” solution to your Workers Compensation coverage. Our solution allows you to “Continue Working with Your Existing Insurance Broker – Agency”. Using state of the art technology ConnectPay™ will calculate your workers...
Businesses We Recommend
Past Events & Promotions
Hello Alignable! ConnectPay is offering discounts and one month of free payroll to members of Alignable. If you are a small business seeking a LOCAL payroll company to help you save money and be more efficient, look no further than your neighbor ConnectPay.
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Hi Alignable friends! All companies who employ one or more W-2 employees are required to post a Labor Law Poster in their facility. In my experience, most small businesses do not post these. As a benefit to our local friends, ConnectPay Payroll Services is offering a FREE POSTER to any...
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ConnectPay will offer to any Alignable member who starts a new payroll with us by April 2014 one free month of payroll PLUS an ongoing 30% discount off of "per person" fee's. Call Mitch for more details. Mobile: 774-218-9486