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About Us

We are selling Pedestrian Safety Reflectors in many shapes and colors, certified, fun and bright. Over 100 million sold world wide. Brightest non-battery solution on the market today. Ethically and ecologically made in Finland, assembled in the USA.

How We Got Started

Mission: improving road safety with innovative and affordable products. Safer roads together.

Our Ideal Customer

Children, students, adults, seniors: pedestrian safety reflectors are easy to clip on backpacks, purses, clothing, strollers, wheel chairs, dog leashes etc. Different attachment systems available.

Our Team
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Laura Tilus-Korhonen
Products & Services


We are selling pedestrian safety reflectors in many shapes and colors. Do your bit to increase road safety and snap reflectors on your backpack, key chain, purse, clothing, bike seat, even mail box. Different attachments available. Great product for commuters, school kids, sports, walkers,...
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