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I specialize in residential real estate law, but with a strong background in condominium development and association counseling. I can do real estate closings all over MA and in NH and can assist with any type of title issue. My success is due to my passion for my clients and what I do, along with my responsiveness and ability to problem solve.

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Patricia Tambone from Tambone Law Office
Patricia Tambone
Businesses We Recommend
I attended an open house at this breathtaking studio. Many beautiful things. Paintings ,furniture and anything that would make you want to redo your home. It is a must see
Joe Klosterman is highly skilled and has broad knowledge as an electrician. He can do any job, large or small. He is reliable and shows up to complete the work. Ask him about generators! they may save you.
Mark Garvey's expertise in making a home energy efficient and ice dam free. He is very professional and does an excellent job.
Jackie Ross is one of the most articulate people I have met. She is able to relay a perfect explanation of issues that may be an impediment to success. This makes for an effective coach. One that can make you think about how you can do things better and more effectively. Her methodology assists the individual to come to a solution on their own through her guidance.
Erik has a great talent in creating unusual but meaningful art. He excels in still photography such as product design and head shots.
I know many of my business colleagues who send their children to them for tutoring and test preparation and organizational skills. They have told me of the fantastic results that have placed their children ahead of the class. I know the owner, Travis, to be a brilliant and gifted teacher.
Lee Pagani and Deborah Emello are a great team at KW. They are the most patient brokers I have met. They really try to help their clients "make it happen" because of their years of experience. As a real estate attorney, I love working with them as the transaction is smooth.
Dawn is the most organized person I know. she is meticulous and is non judgmental for people who feel overwhelmed with clutter. Trustworthy and responsive.
I discovered this unique shop with amazing art and antiques. The owner, Beau Ryan has a great deal of knowledge as to the value of items.
Todd has a successful business and a great landscaping service. He is very professional and as the name suggest, the lawn will look perfect when he and his crew are done. He can do anything.
Gerard is very professional and an excellent broker. He puts 200% into any listing and has had great success. As a real estate attorney, I highly recommend him.