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About Us

Over the past 10+ years I have been helping individuals, families & small businesses with their health insurance needs. I am also a Covered CA agent, and pride myself in helping people who are struggling with the system so they can get the coverage they deserve. I take your personal situation seriously and never give up.

I create customized individual, family & employer benefit plan presentations designed to meet your needs. AND, I help interpret the information so you can choose the plan which best fits your situation.

I like to understand what the ultimate goal is - whether to have a rich plan to cover heavy medical usage, or to bank on low utilization and save money on premiums.

I am great at untangling problems or issues that are preventing you from accomplishing your goal.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer contacts me when they need expert advice navigating the insurance market, and needs someone to hand-hold any issues until resolved.

Our Team
Beverly J. Evans from Bev's Benefits
Beverly J. Evans
Products & Services

Health Insurance

Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance as well as Covered CA. Personalized health insurance proposals prepared & presented, as well as assistance enrolling in your chosen benefits plan.

Certified Insurance Agent

Medical, dental, vision, term life for individual, family & business
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Important contributions go toward cancer research
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