Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal "customer" would be either someone wanting to find a puppy that has been raised in as naturally healthy and lovingly socialized as possible from a sire and dam that are free of hereditary health issues and have natural immunity. OR a true Natural Rearing breeder committed to educating, breeding and raising truly healthy puppies – naturally.

About Us

"Premiere Community & Organization for Natural Rearing Dog Breeders"

Ethical Breeders Breeding Truly Healthy Dogs - Naturally.

We are comprised of like-minded breeders, natural animal health professionals and dog owners dedicated to the principles of rearing our dogs as close to nature as possible. Only incorporating natural remedies and only as needed, feeding a species specific raw diet, eliminating toxic chemicals. We promote a truly healthy lifestyle to support the complete dog (mind, body and spirit) while promoting an awareness for our changing world.

How We Got Started

We wanted a community of like minded individuals commited to educating, breeding and raising truly healthy, long lived dogs - Sound in body, mind and spirit. The Natural Rearing Breeders Association was born from a dream that is finally becoming a reality.

List of approved Natural Rearing Dog Breeders

We heavily screen natural rearing dog (and soon cat) breeders as they go though our application process. We have strict standards that have to be met before they are listed on our website.
Businesses We Recommend
The courses at ACAN far exceed anything else available online when it comes to true animal naturopathy! We highly recommend the courses and certification programs to our members and anyone else in knowing how to give their companion animals a long, thriving, happy life.
Penny is a TTouch practitioner that positively influence your pet's physical, mental and emotional well-being. TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions that incorporated into a whole health life-style will spark health physically and mentally.
We highly recommend getting your next feline companion from Elysian Bengals. Being a natural rearing breeder, her kittens and cats will have the health and long life that most cats do not have these days.
Shirley's website, "Shirley's Wellness Cafe" was one of the first online resources available for information and research on natural wellness for both people and their companion animals. Shirley's heart is for education and her passion is for helping others "be well".
Pine Springs Golden Retrievers are members of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association, we highly recommend obtaining one of their naturally reared puppies.

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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Dr. Jeannie Thomason from Natural Rearing Breeders Association
Dr. Jeannie Thomason
Animal Naturopath, Founder
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