Our Ideal Customer

Business leader, church leader, or ordinary laborer. We are here to serve you.

About Us

Creating a small Bed and Breakfast in the mountains of VA. Family oriented, quiet, peaceful - a place where you can take time away. Everyone needs a place to recharge: we are that place.

How We Got Started

Vison of creating a place where business, church and other leaders can come and receive a rest from the dictates of the world.

Businesses We Recommend
They have what we need. Great customer service. Knowledge in knowing their products as well as communicating expertise in desired area of need. Friendly atmosphere as well.
Dr. Lisa Williams has a passion for seeing the well being of the whole person. She is a compassionate doctor as well as knowledgable in her field. Her desire is to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.
I recommend Ntouchtel.com. They were our go-to phone system at AFR. The team were efficient. They paired us with the right system for us. If you are looking for a system for your office, give them a call.
Great staff. Caring people
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Cathe Myers answered What Are Some Ways That a Local Church Can Partner With...
2 days ago
I would offer you start attending business social events in your community. Host a luncheon for business leaders in your community. Find out what they have need of. Get involved with your local... (more)
Cathe Myers answered What Do You Expect to See on a Ministry's Website?
7 days ago
I agree with Deborah as well. Try to get recommendations from the people you have helped as well as the partners you have (more)
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Cathe Myers
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