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About Us

We offer the world's most potent and effective form of drinkable H.A. with Collagen, designed to address joint-related discomfort and mobility challenges while reducing wrinkles from the inside out! We have formulations for pets and horses as well, and we also offer a variety of other safe, effective and environmentally friendly products for personal and home care.

How We Got Started

Our multi-patented and award-winning Collagen/HA products went to market in 2010. In 2015, I was looking for a product and a cause that I could really get behind. I came across these products, and the stories I heard of how they helped people were so compelling and inspiring! I decided to partner with them to help get these fantastic products in the hands of folks who could really benefit from them!

Our Ideal Customer

Our products are ideal both for professional practitioners and end users:


-Plastic Surgeons

-Med Spa owners and practitioners


End users:

-Athletes (current and former - surfers, cyclists, football, etc.);

-Men and women ages 25+ looking to preserve their youthful appearance;

-Men and women ages 45+ looking to reduce wrinkles naturally;

-Seniors looking to reduce joint discomfort and improve mobility

-People of all ages looking to remove harmful toxins from their homes

-Pet and horse owners

-Parents of young children

Our Team
Kathy Diane from www.ShopCleanLiving.com
Kathy Diane
Products & Services


All of our products, including descriptions and instructions for use (when applicable) can be found at this website.
Businesses We Recommend
Alex Gutierrez is hands down the best mortgage professional in the area. He is honest, professional and an excellent problem-solver. He never over-promises and under-delivers. He is trustworthy and tenured in his business. A true gem!
Great handyman, professional, honest, good work!
Excellent quality and integrity, which is especially important when you're buying a house and you need a good inspector and home warranty plan you can trust!
Dr. Burton Wagner is extremely gifted in his craft. He has re-trained my spine to stay flexible, unlocked and free from discomfort. The technique he has used with me is very unique and unlike any chiropractic experience I've ever had. He also has a program working with children who have been diagnosed with any sort of autism-spectrum disorder, and his treatments have been showing remarkable results. For anyone looking for a "crack-free" but incredibly effective approach to chiropractic, or help with a child struggling with developmental challenges, Dr. Wagner offers some fantastic options!
Past Events & Promotions
This is a networking meeting, a great place to meet new people, during which I will be presenting an introduction and overview of our patented Collagen/HA products. The meeting costs $15 to attend and includes breakfast. We will begin promptly at 7:45am, so it is advisable to arrive a few...