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About Us

We are an In-Depth cleaning company with affordable prices. Handling residential house cleaning and commercial office cleaning. Call today! Free Quotes with Lot Discounts like Veteran, Disabled, and Senior Citizens.

How We Got Started

I started cleaning in 1999 to supplement income for my family and friends, then they told people; and we grew which we incorporated in 2008. We are local family owned.

Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer would be one looking for house cleaning, office cleaning, residential foreclosures properties cleaning, foreclosures properties trashing out, commercial foreclosures properties cleaning, commercial foreclosures properties trashing out or needing help with their clean-up or trash-out a property. One that doesn't mind a professional company that's reliable, trustworthy, and has a very reliable and honest cleaning team members. And lives or works 25 miles around Davidson, NC.

So are you one?

Our Team
Diana Pryor from American Maids of North Carolina
Diana Pryor
Products & Services

House Cleaning Services

All our house cleaning quotes are negotiable. We have 5 level of cleaning; Customize cleans, basic cleans, deep dust cleans, spring cleans, and our 5-star service by hand clean.

Office Cleaning Services

All our office cleaning quotes are negotiable. We have 5 level of cleaning; Customize cleans, basic cleans, deep dust cleans, spring cleans, and our 5-star service by hand clean.

Foreclosure Trash-out / Foreclosure Clean-up

All our foreclosure on residential foreclosure cleaning and commercial foreclosure cleaning quotes are negotiable. We have 2 projects with our 5 level of cleanliness; Foreclosure trash-out properties and Foreclosure clean-up properties. All our cleans can be customized clean, basic cleans, deep...
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Top Forum Activity
Diana Pryor answered Cleaning Services: What Type of Marketing Was Most...
13 days ago
There all the same. But word of mouth was the best for us. However, if your going to put money into your business. Find a full advertising and branding company, advertise with videos are great too. (more)
Diana Pryor asked What Type of Chemicals/products Do You Use for Your...
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All Cleaning competitors, what type of chemicals do you use in your line of business? Do you use natural 'green' products or maybe you use industry products. I'm always looking for new and... (more)
Diana Pryor answered Where Would I Start to Make My Own Website as a Pet Care...
19 days ago
I use Wix.com. I really like it, it's very simple. Their system can make the site for you if you would like until you can make it the way you want it. (more)
Diana Pryor answered Why Do Companies Underbid for Cleaning and Janitorial...
25 days ago
Because, bills are due. Or maybe there starting up a new business. However I like hearing, "your a lot more expensive than the other company.' And I would say, 'you get what you pay for, buyers... (more)

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