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About Us

1 Click Solutions is an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency that takes a holistic approach to provide comprehensive and complete online marketing solutions for maximum return on your investment. We are not a boutique Internet marketing company that specializes in a tiny niche to offer only a small portion of what is now mandatory for online success. We are the authorized Denver office for WSI (We Simplify the Internet), the world's largest digital marketing collaborative represented in 89 countries by over 1,800 independent businesses that offer world class digital marketing solutions.

Building a great website has little value to a business if it can't be discovered online when a potential customer searches for local goods and services. For example, we include an online competitive market analysis, keyword research, and On-Page SEO best practices with every website development project plus; Google Analytics & Search Console setup that include website verification and indexing. This process will also establish the Google My Business Dashboard that can accurately position the Google Map Pin for your location so people that want to use GPS navigation on their mobile device can drive to your business's location, and not a vacant lot.

Social media has become critical to the mix of online digital assets that should be professionally developed. Social media integration is also included with our website development packages. 1 Click Solutions has been getting fantastic Facebook advertising results for many types of businesses; this is why we offer social marketing and manage services as well.

There is Off-page SEO that must be considered to climb to the top of search results, PPC/Search Marketing that is very useful for reaching customers that are ready to buy and looking for the best local deal.

We also combine email marketing, online review and reputation management, mobile app development, and many others services that are part of our agency class, one-stop resource for complete digital marketing services. Not only will your business avoid expensive digital marketing fragmentation that requires business owners to became project managers dealing with many separate vendors at the expense of their core business, and their passion, we improve the quality of life of our clients with more free time and less stress!

1 Click Solutions shares short how-to and digital marketing best practices each month on their YouTube Channel; https://www.youtube.com/user/1ClickSolutionsLLC...

How We Got Started

Our founder CJ Rapp has over 35 years of marketing experience in the Colorado Front Range area. He automated the family business in 1980 and was one of the first business leaders in Denver to launch a website in 1992! (The World Wide Web began in 1991) Since 2011, CJ has averaged 3,000 hours per year to master the holistic approach that has been developed and deployed for 1 Click Solutions. Check out CJ's LinkedIn profile; https://www.linkedin.com/in/cjrapp

It is important to note that CJ is not a digital snob, and understands how traditional, and digital marketing must be combined for the maximum benefit to maintain and grow market share for any business that wants to rise and prosper.

Our Ideal Customer

SMBs that need digital marketing services; New Mobile-Friendly Website, a Website Tune-Up, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Website copy wrighting with keyword rich content, Facebook Advertising, Online Review and Reputation Management, Mobile Proximity Marketing or just about anything related to online marketing that uses only industry best practices.

Our Team
CJ Rapp from 1 Click Solutions, Inc.
CJ Rapp
Founder ~ Holistic Digital Marketing
Ratnesh Dubey from 1 Click Solutions, Inc.
Ratnesh Dubey
Director of SEO
Products & Services

Google Analytics - Need to add Analytics? We Can Help!

This very short video covers what Analytics Reports you should review regularly for your business. https://youtu.be/5m7M4avMQ5I

Landing Page Development for Conversion

Here's a short Youtube Video on some best practices we use and recommend; https://youtu.be/8Qg-MrcuABg We include Landing Page Development with every New PPC Campaign. For more details, please contact us ~

Adaptive SEO™

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh85IaB6KME This very short video covers these 7 steps to Search Engine Optimization Success! 1) Keyword Research 2) Online Competitive Analysis 3) Website On-Page Optimization 4) Address Domain Authority 5) Content Strategy 6) Social Media Strategy 7)...

Online Review & Reputation Management

Weather you like or not, your business is receiving online comments and reviews that can help or hurt your potential. We can help from start up deployment to advanced enterprise level monitoring, management and response.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Packages

We pride ourselves on offering effective and complete Internet Marketing solutions that deliver excellent return on your investment. Digital marketing has become complicated and must have professionally developed, deployed, managed and coordinated elements. We strive to become your trusted long...

Social Media Marketing & Management

Facebook advertising for local small businesses is just one of the digital marketing services we rock! If you would like to improve online lead generation or consumer traffic to your brick and mortar location, we can help. If you are more interested in DIY, here are several short videos from...

Mobile Website Design/Build/Deploy/Host

With more than 50% of Internet access now coming from mobile device, Mobile Optimization is no longer optional - IT IS MANDATORY! We realize that rebuilding your website with Responsive design might not be in your current budget or plans. A Mobile Website is a great interim solution, please visit...

Global Marketing

We run the Denver office for WSI, which stands for "We Simplify the Internet". WSI is the largest and highest rated Internet Marketing organization in the world. There are over 1,800 WSI office in 89 countries working together as a global collaborative. We pride ourselves on scalability and can...

Adaptive SEO™ Services

We offer Search Engine Optimization from hourly coaching sessions to Enterprise Level for 50 - 100 or 500 Keyword/Phrase On Page & Off Page campaigns. We deploy a cutting edge Trade Marked Process called Adaptive SEO™. Please visit our You Tube Channel to learn more; ...

Keyword Research

Selecting the best keywords and combinations to create long-tail phrases is both an art and a science. We can help!

FREE Website Performance Testing

We release the same robots and spiders used by the major search engines to perform 40 tests on the performance of your business website. The Webscan Report includes many valuable recommendations. Share several of your competitor's URLs and we'll also provide you with an online competitive...

Responsive Design Website Development

We can help you DIY a great Responsive Designed Go Daddy site on an hourly basis or Design/Build/Host a huge E commerce Shopping cart website. Please visit our website to view examples; http://www.wsi1clicksolutions.com/our-clients/

Consulting Services

Some times you just need a second opinion or want to verify the work currently being done for your business related to the Internet is worth while. We offer various consulting packages from element specific to full spectrum with the input and contribution of a professional panel of WSI experts.

Online Competitive Analysis Reporting

We have amazing technology and resources to provide you with digital intelligence and recommendations. 3-5 Comps $25 - 6-10 Comps $50

Email Marketing Management & Services

1 Click Solutions is an Authorized Constant Contact Premium Partner. Email marketing is still the foundation of great Internet marketing, if you're just launching or want to outsource this critical element, we can help. Please watch this very short video from our You Tube collection about...

PPC - Search Marketing Management

PPC and SEO are closely related and require high levels of knowledge, experience and the right tools to be preformed effectively to return good results. Here's several short videos from out You Tube collection we like to share; 5 Great Ways Pay Per Click (PPC) Will Improve Your Online...
Businesses We Recommend
dcb Construction built a sate of the art 40,000 SqFt distribution warehouse for my business in 1996. When we had to sell out in 2008, it sold for well over the market average!
Terry's service is exceptional and gets the results every business would love to have but can't achieve on their own without professional help!
Here and Colorado, I spent 14 months working within the legal cannabis industry. NOCER Org offers an excellent program for Cannabinoid Therapy. We fully support their efforts and the quality information and resources they provide!
As a Digital Marketing professional, I can confirm that Global Host Inc. offers some great services and exceptional online values!
Good to your business & product in the mix! I have a lot of experience in the cannabis industry, more related to rec here in Colorado ~ CJ
Several years ago as a start-up, I was in need of some additional working capital. Allan was able to help and is one of the reasons 1 Click Solutions is still around and thriving! CJ Rapp President 1 Click Solutions, LLC
I've been using The Wave for oil changes for years. Just had all the fluids in my 4x4 changed and was very happy with the service and short amount of time it took!
Elaine is a fellow WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, I highly recommend her services. I have worked Elaine and collaborated on several projects. CJ Rapp 1 Click Solutions, Inc. Denver Colorado
Jason Wright with Success Networking Association is amazing at what he does. Jason invited me to join Alignable several years ago. During that time I have noticed that many local businesses that my company has connected with were invited by Jason. Some of the best clients we have added were new connections on Alignable! As a digital marketing professional, I highly recommend Jason and the Success Networking Association. CJ Rapp President, 1 Click Solutions, Inc. Denver Colorado
Past Events & Promotions
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We are slashing our pricing on Word Press Responsive Design Website Development for Local Businesses ONLY! If your business website is not mobile friendly, you are missing more than 60% of potential leads and new customers. Test your site here;...
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Share the URL of the website you want to test, your email and three competitors, and we will email the results. There is no cost or obligation! The report includes many valuable recommendations to make improvements. We just want to help you improve your digital marketing. The competitors you...
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I will be offering One Hour of FREE Facebook Advertising Training in January, to the first 10 Local Small Businesses that contact me! I will come to your location for a one on one or present to a group of your choosing. I will share my super easy to learn "Linked - Boosted - Post" method that...

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